Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Why did Bill Cosby cancel his trip to China?" Jessica asks

[Pix of model above for illustration only]

"Why did Bill Cosby cancel his trip to China?" Jessica asks, her lips parted in a sensuous grin.

"Are you referring to the American comedian (pix below) who's been accused of multiple rapes?"


"Nope, no idea." I scratch my head. "This sounds like a why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road riddle."

"It's because last week, Bill read on the internet that an African rapist in Guangzhou, China had his penis cut off by an angry mob!" A little-girl giggle rolls from her red lips.

"By golly! True incident?"

"Of course!" Jessica takes out her mobile phone and presses a few buttons. "There! See the photos?" She shows the screen of her moby to me. "Serves him right."

"Sweet saints! You should be a comedienne!" I grin, then scrunch my face in disgust. "Bill Cosby and Rolf Harris belong to the same kettle of stinky fish and should burn in hell!"


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