Monday, October 19, 2015

Defensive driving instructor Debbie Ding warns of scams when renting a motorcycle in Thailand

“Riding a motorbike is a cheap and convenient way to travel in the smaller towns of Thailand like Chiangmai and Pattaya,” Debbie Ding (pix above) says. “But beware of scams and bobby traps. First, check that nothing is wrong with the bike. Next, take photographs of the bike from all angles, especially of scratches, dents, anything broken and even bald tyres. If you don’t, when you return the bike, you will be accused of having damaged the bike and be forced to pay compensation for so-called repairs. Second, you need an international driving licence and a national motorbike licence. A shady motorbike hire company will allow you to rent a bike even if you can’t have these two documents. But, once you ride off on the motorbike, they will tip a cop by mobile phone to nab you!” She kick-starts her bike and flashes a grin. “The under-table money you pay will be shared between the cop and the hire company!” The exhaust of her machine growls as Debbie zooms away. Vroom...!


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