Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chow Kah conspires with Mummy Lulu to have sex with Jessica during Hot Legs Niteclub's Halloween party

[Pixs of models for illustration only]

Ang Chow Kah knocks on the office door of Mummy Lulu, swings it open and enters.

Looking up from her desk, Mummy Lulu (right pix) gestures to the visitor’s chair. “Mr Ang, how can I help you?”

Chow Kah plops into the leather chair. “Mummy, can I talk with you regarding something?” He crosses his legs at the knees.

Mummy Lulu sits up straight. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about Jessica (pix above).”

“Oh? Any complaints?”

Chow Kah leans forward. “No, nothing of that sort.” His voice is hushed. “I’ve been trying to get her to go out with me. You know, some place intimate, but she always turns me down.”

Mummy Lulu picks up a gold-plated letter opener and fingers it. “My hostesses're not prostitutes. A few may go out with men whom they like. What they do after working hours is none of my business."

“Does Jessica provide extra services?”

“I don’t think so, but I know she goes out with only one gentleman. They always pass the night in a posh hotel, it seems. He’s been our regular client for more than a year. His name’s Jeffrey and he’s very handsome and very rich.”

“In that case, what can you do to help me?” He fumbles in his pants pocket for his wallet. “I can give you a generous tip.”

Mummy Lulu flicks her gaze upward for a moment. “Tell you what." She locks eyes with Chow Kah's. "Next week, Friday, we’ll be having a Halloween party. All our hostesses will wear costumes. Jessica’s bought a witch mask and a witch costume. Why don’t you come as a vampire? I’ll tell her that Jeffrey, who’s wearing a vampire mask, is waiting for her in the VVIP karaoke room. Make advances to her and chances are good you'll get what you want.”

Chow Kah smiles. “Oh, Mummy, thank you so much. I’ll book the room with the captain now. You’re just like a mother to me.” He extracts a few fifty ringgit notes from his wallet and hands them to Mummy Lulu.

She winks. “Good luck!”


Seven sunsets roll by. Dressed as a vampire, Chow Kah is led down a corridor by a receptionist and, partway, he bumps into Hussein and Wati (pix above). Hussein is dressed as the Texas chain-saw serial killer; Wati is wearing green contact lenses and one corner of her mouth is stained with fake blood. Inside the VVIP karaoke room, Chow Kah settles on the settee, his heart pounding, his loins aching. Wow! The bottle of Tongkat Ali juice works! He smiles to himself.

A waiter enters the room and Chow Kah orders Asahi Premium Beer and some finger food. They arrive in a tick and Chow Kah nibbles on the French fries. Ten minutes pass. Hot, sexy Jessica, dressed as a witch, sashays in. Chow Kah rises to his feet and steps towards her.

“Jeffrey, is that you?” Jessica’s husky voice can make a man’s blood boil.

“Yes, it’s me, darling.” Chow Kah pulls Jessica her towards him and hugs her.

She responds by wrapping her arms around his waist. “Good to see you again, darling.”

Chow Kah peels away from her, jams the bottom of the door with a rubber door-stopper and dims the lights. They French kiss with utmost passion and he leads her to the settee. They rattle it for an hour until one of its wooden legs break.

Chow Kah climaxes and pulls off his plastic mask. “Yuhoooo, Jessica, I’m Chow Kah!”

The witch removes her rubber mask and grins. “Yuhoooo, Chow Kah, I’m Jessica’s grandma!” She shows a "V" sign with her fingers (bottom pix).

“Arrrrgh! What’re you doing in her costume?”

“Jessica’s down with diarrhea so I decided to use her rented costume to attend this party. Ooh-la-la! It's such fun!”




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