Friday, May 15, 2015

Sifu Sabrina advises Sakura Siew how to feng shui her purse

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“I need more money, Sifu Sabrina,” Sakura says. “I’ve installed wealth symbols in my home, but money’s still not coming in.” Her lips tip in a sad curve. “My part-time insurance sales are bad and I haven't had any salary increment for two years.”

Sabrina (right pix) arches her perfectly-sculpted brows. “Are those auspicious symbols in the wealth direction of your kua number?”

Sakura casts a side glance at me and bites her lower lip.

“Yes,” I reply, shifting in my seat beside her. “I visited Miss Siew last week. From what I know, the orientation of the dragon turtle, Laughing Buddha and goldfish painting looked alright.”

Sabrina shifts her eyes from me to Sakura. “If you don’t mind, can you show me your purse?”

Leaning sideways, Sakura (right pix below) picks her handbag from the floor and places it on her lap. She dips her hand inside and yanks out a blue purse. “Is the colour okay?”

“Before I come to that, did you buy the purse new or was it a hand-me-down?”

“I bought it new.”

“Wonderful. Don’t use a second-hand wallet as the previous owner’s chi may be bad.” She rests both hands on the desk and intertwines her fingers. “Regarding colour, it depends on your birth element. Blue is compatible with Wood or Water birth-element people. Blue symbolizes water; when water flows out, it signifies a draining of wealth. So it’s unsuitable for Fire and Metal people. Black suits Water and Wood; brown’s excellent for Earth and Metal; and Green, for Wood and Fire birth elements.”

“Shucks, sounds complicated. What about red?”

“Red is excellent for Fire and Earth people. For others, its powerful energy will burn their money away!” Her red lips curve into a grin. “What’s inside your purse?”

Sakura snaps the purse open. “Here, you can have a look.” She tilts the purse to shows its contents to Sifu Sabrina. “My ID, cash, loose change, credit card, driving licence, nail-clipper, hair pins, safety pin, credit card receipts, parking receipts, peppermint spray, ear-digger, two Panadol tablets, small comb, compact and lipstick.”

Sabrina’s hazel eyes assess the articles with a crimp of brows. “Too many things inside. Get a purse with separate compartments. Keep receipts elsewhere as they signify outflow of money. Sort your money notes out. Things like nail-clipper, ear-digger and old photos of ex-boyfriends, for instance, don’t represent good feng shui. Keep such non-essentials out.” A sigh floats from her lips. “I noticed that just now you put your handbag containing your purse on the floor. In fact, some women put their handbags on the washroom floor when they’re sitting on the toilet. That’s not respecting your money.” A smile tips the corners of her mouth. “Only when you respect money, will it come to you. So, don’t toss your purse anywhere convenient when you come home from work. Allot a special place for it. Perhaps a drawer in your dresser or nightstand.”

I ask, “What about size of a purse? Important?”

“Yes. Always have extra space for more cash. Also, prefer the rectangular to the odd-shaped purse.” Sabrina flicks a glance at her watch. “I'm sorry, you’ve to excuse me -– I’ve gotta go.” She pulls out her right-hand drawer, takes out her black handbag and shifts her gaze to me. “One final tip I’d like to highlight is that you can bump up the wealth mojo by keeping three ancient coins tied with a red string in the purse.” She rises to her feet (pix above) and rounds her desk. Sakura and I get up from our chairs and follow her to the door.

My eyes follow the sway of Sabrina's hips. "Thanks for the advice."


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