Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paulina Phuar, KL’s top PR consultant, amps up her client’s public image

[Pixs of model for illustration purpose only]

“My PR campaign can get your company a two-page write-up in the Holy Bible,” Paulina Phuar (pix above) says to her client Tan Sri Danny Ding. “Not to mention a one-page feature in the Tripikata -– the holy book of Buddhism.” A grin eases its way across her face. “So can we discuss my retainer fees?”

“How? What's your strategy?” Ding sips his Long Black, eyes sparkling with interest.

They are sitting at a café in Desa Parkcity fronting the lawn where dog-walkers are strolling with their mutes on leashes. Children’s laughter and the gurgle of a meandering brook float in the air.

Paulina covers her mouth as she giggles (pix below). “My strategy contains nothing, just empty zilch," she holds up her left hand and forms an 'O' with her forefinger and thumb, "but it can elevate your corporate image to the stratosphere. That's the magic of PR. It’s just a hot air balloon."

Ding’s eyes bulge. “Holy thunderation!” He points to the paved walkway ten yards away. “A pit bull’s attacking a little girl!”

Without hesitating, Paulina springs from her chair, dashes to the walkway and wrestles the brute to the ground. Ding strides to the scene. In a ferocious fight, Paulina chokes the animal to death with her pantyhose stocking.

A group of on-lookers gather around the dead dog and the little girl, still crying. A man steps forward from the crowd. “I’m a journalist from Kuala Lumpur Times." He flips out a note pad from his shirt pocket. “What happened here?”

Rising to her feet, Paulina points to her client. “This brave gentleman Tan Sri Danny Ding killed the dog and saved the child’s life.”

“Wow! What a sensational story!”

Paulina dusts herself. “Tan Sri Danny is CEO of a public-listed company. Just as his company is noted for its corporate social responsibility programmes, Tan Sri himself is a civic-minded and courageous citizen.” She winks at Ding, who shows her a thumb-up.

The next morning, Paulina scans the front-page of the Kuala Lumpur Times. Her jaw sags a full inch when she reads the headline: "Public-listed company CEO viciously strangles family pet to death!"


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