Monday, May 25, 2015

Satire: What did one Rohingya say to another?

Rohingya 1 says to Rohingya 2: "Will we be arrested if we cross the border illegally to Malaysia?"

Rohingya 2 says to Rohingya 1: "Phooey! So what? We’ll get free accommodation, free hand-me-down clothes, free food and human-rights protection from nothing-better-to-do NGOs!"

Rohingya 2 says to Rohingya 3: "Listen, later we’ll apply for refugee status from the UN Refugee Agency, then go for Malaysian PR status!"

Rohingya 3 says to Rohingya 4: "Whooopee! Once we’ve settled in, we’ll court the local Malay girls, marry them and take roots in the country! We're as handsome as the Bangladeshis, aren't we? Many of them've done it."

Rohingya 4 says to Rohingya 5: "A certain quarter of KL’s already known as 'Little Indonesia' because of many Indons living there. Let’s show them 'Rohingya Boleh'! We can set up a Little Rohingya too!"

Rohingya 5 says to Rohingya 6: "Jeepers creepers! I didn’t know that Malaysia’s the land of milk, honey, opportunities and sambal belacan. Now that I do, I’ll going to tell my friends, my relatives and my neighbours to go there."

Rohingya 6 says to Rohingya 7, 8, 9, infinitum: "Let's go! Let's go to Malaysia!"


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