Friday, April 17, 2015

Sifu Sabrina gives Sakura Siew tips for burial feng shui

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

“Sifu Sabrina, my father’s terminally ill,” Sakura Siew (right pix below) says. “Can you give tips how to bury him properly?”

“Before you start, Sifu Sabrina,” I ask, “may I know how the dead can affect the fortunes of the family?”

“When the dead are buried, they return to earth, become yin chi or yin energy," Sifu Sabrina says, placing her hands on the curved arms of her wooden chair. "The earth's magnetic field affects this yin energy which in turn affects the family of the deceased as they share a common genetic code."

I nod and cross my legs at the knees. "Please carry on."

“Has the burial plot been bought, Miss Siew?”

Sakura shakes her head. “No.”

“Good. Any wishes from your terminally-ill father?”

“He has three wives. “First wife and two minor wives. He has expressed the desire that his three wives be buried beside him when they conk -- I mean pass away.” A pause. “I’m his second wife’s daughter.”

“That means the grave site reserved for the first wife should be to the left of your father’s grave; the minor wives should occupy plots on the right side.

“Can I buy a used burial site? I heard that it is cheaper.”

“If you want to use a second-hand burial site, so to speak, then bring some new soil over to the site.”

"Which direction should the grave face?"

“Usually, a grave should face the south. For the most ideal orientation, calculations need to be made based on the deceased’s date of birth and death. Make sure that soil condition does not encourage termites to breed otherwise they may eat up the coffin. It should also not be water-logged.” She taps a few keys on her computer keyboard and a slideshow begins. “Topography of the cemetery is important. Preferably, there should be mountains at the back, left and right of the site." She moves the screen sideways slightly. "See? However, the mountains at the left and right should be lower than that at the rear.” She points with her finger to a picture of a tomb. “The shape of tomb needs careful consideration. The horse-shoe shape is best. The top should be earth that is convex not concave. Plant grass on top. A low wall should be built around the grave but leave a gap in front as an entrance.” The slideshow ends and Sabrina switches off her computer. “That’s all I have to say for a free consultation. If you need a detailed analysis, a feng shui master will need to go to the cemetery with his compass to survey the site."

I start to chuckle; my shoulders start to shake.

Sifu Sabrina looks at me. “What’s so funny?”

“Have you heard of the famous Hong Kong-based feng shui master Zheng Guoqiang?”

“What about him,” Sakura asks.

“On March 30, 2014, he was invited by the family of a deceased to survey a cemetery plot in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province. After having chosen a burial site which he announced was auspicious, it started to rain heavily. Within seconds, a landslide occurred and buried seven people alive, including Zheng Guoqiang (pix below). Zheng was among the six who died!” A chuckle trips over my lips. “What went wrong?”

“That’s not funny,” Sifu Sabrina snaps. “Very likely, that day was inauspicious.”

"True incident?" Sakura asks.

"Of course! You can read it on the Internet."


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