Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ikan bakar sambal petai the latest craze on the grilled fish scene

[Pixs copyright Ewe Paik Leong]

What's new on the grilled fish scene? Ikan bakar sambal petai (stinky beans). Adding petai works wonders to the taste of the ikan bakar. I recommend two restaurants below:

(1) Golek-Golek
Tucked on a hillock, Golek-Golek occupies a traditional Malay house exuding a rustic ambiance. Apart from ikan bakar sambal petai, it also offers lala kamhiong, buttered prawn, fried brinjals, fried four-angled beans, chicken soup, etc. I ordered stingray sambal petai, lala kamhiong and fried brinjals. The stingray sambal petai was the best as the petai added another exciting layer of flavour and texture to the dish. Rating: 5/5.

Lot 2074, Km. 10, MRR2
68100 Batu Caves
Opens from 7 pm onward.
[Beware: The road up the hillock is steep]

(2) Restu Ikan Bakar Petai (Pixs 6540 & 6558)
Hailing from Kuantan, this just-opened restaurant also serves fried rice, noodles, burgers, oxtail soup and tomyam soup. The variety of fish is dazzling: stingray, patin, siakap, tilapia, jebong, jenahak, jemunduk, catfish, mackerel, kerapu, etc. I savoured patin sambal petai and fried sambal squids. Both dishes had a strong tamarind flavour complemented with the after-taste of calamansi. Rating: 5/5

Lot 4227, Jalan Bandar Dalam
Off Jalan Besar Sentul
Kuala Lumpur
Opens from 7 pm onward.


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