Friday, April 17, 2015

QSQ Popiah of PJ opens kiosk in Taman Sri Gombak

QSQ Popiah of Restoran Kam Heong in Jalan Othman, P.J., has opened a branch in Taman Sri Gombak. The kiosk is located in Restoran Chong Hwa (not to be confused with Chong Hwa Curry Laksa). Available are crispy popiah, seaweed popiah, spicy seaweed popiah, wasabi seaweed popiah and citrus seaweed popiah. I ate the citrus seaweed popiah which turned out to be crunchy and sourish. Business hours: 8 am to 2 pm. Rating: 4/5.

Restoran Chong Hwa
Jalan SG 3/15
Taman Sri Gombak
Batu Caves
(Opposite Skate Park)


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