Thursday, February 12, 2015

A simple ritual to welcome the God of Prosperity, according to Sifu Sabrina

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

I prop my elbows on the arms of the chair, steeple my hands and ask Sifu Sabrina, “How can I beseech the God of Prosperity for good luck in 2015?”

“Are you aware that the God of Prosperity or Cai Shen is now in Heaven?” says Sifu Sabrina, seated on her chair, her dainty fingers resting on her lap (pix above).

“What’s he doing there?” I ask.

“Gallivanting with nubile fairies!”

My eyebrows shoot up, and I chuckle like a setting hen.

“I was pulling your leg,” Sifu Sabrina says, nudging my cup of coffee towards me. “He has gone to report on the good and bad deeds of the family members. But he will be back on New Year’s Eve on February 19, 2015. From that day until the fifth lunar day of CNY, that is February, 23, you can pray to Cai Sen to ask for good luck.” She picks up her own cup of coffee and takes a silent sip.

I slurp my coffee and put the cup down. “I don’t have a Cai Sen statue at home.”

“It doesn’t matter,” she emphasizes with a shake of the head. “For 2015, Cai Sen will come in from the West. Put a table in your front porch or condo balcony facing West. Remember, the direction is important. Offer food and fruits, supplicate on your knees while holding joss sticks and utter your wishes. Then kowtow and burn gold incense paper. You can also write your name and wishes on yellow paper and burn them. To amp up the power of your requests, release a few pairs of birds. Eight will be auspicious.” She turns sideways, resting both legs on one arm of her chair. "Ah... it's more comfortable in this position."

As I look at the way she's sitting, heat runs through me so strong that it saps all moisture from my throat. “Thank you -- haruumph -- for your advice,” I croak.


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