Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hussein and Wati exchange Valentine’s Day presents

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

“Hussein, Happy Valentine’s Day!” Wati (pix above) says. “So what have you for me this year? I see you’ve a big brown paper bag with you.”

“Flowers!” replies Hussein, smiling to reveal nicotine-stained teeth.

“Thank you.” She pouts her lips and blows a kiss at Hussein. “You’re a sweet man.”

Hussein dips his hand into the brown bag and takes out two heads of cauliflowers. “Ta-ta! You can stir-fry the cauliflowers with either prawns or chicken and I can come help you to eat them!”

“A romantic Valentine’s Day dinner eating cauliflowers!” I quip, chuckling.

Hussein replaces the two heads of cauliflowers in the big brown bag, folds the top and hands it to Wati. Smiling, she takes the bag and puts it beside her on the velvet sofa.

“Wati,” Chow Kah says. “I can give you a recipe for stir-fried cauliflower if you want.”

“I also have a Valentine’s present for you, darling,” Wati says to Hussein, her eyes sparkling.

Hussein rubs his hands gleefully. “Oh? What?”

“A blowjob! I’ll do it slowly for you.”

Hussein’s tongue hangs out. “Serious?”


“When are we going to do it?”

“Goodness begets goodness, darling. How about now!”

“No problem!” He wipes silvery droll from the side of his mouth with his sleeve. “Men’s washroom or ladies' washroom?”

“Here, in the karaoke room!”

“Eeeeek! Obscene!” exclaims Jessica, snuggling up to Chow Kah, and covering her eyes with one hand. Chow Kah's face appears over her smooth shoulder, his eyes screwed up in delight.

“What! Here?”

“You’re not shy are you?” From her handbag, Wati whips out a hair dryer and connects the plug to a socket on the nearest wall. She switches the hair dryer on and blows the hot air at Hussein’s hair. “Slow, slow, darling,” she says, her words trailing in a fit of giggles.


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