Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bombshell Wati of Hot Legs Niteclub says sleeping naked has benefits

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

“Wati, I bought lingerie for you,” Hussein says. “Got it online from Victoria’s Secret.” He lays the packet on Wati's lap.

“Please don’t give me any lingerie, Hussein. I sleep naked.” Wati (pix above) returns the package to Hussein, his face scarred with disappointment.

“Is the lingerie free-size?” Chow Kah asks, sitting beside Jessica (pix below), clad in a simple tee-shirt.


“I’ll buy it from you,” Chow Kah says with a twinkle in his eyes, “and give it to Jessica.”

“Sorry darling, I’m not interested,” Jessica says. “I’m not going to fall for the second oldest trick in the book.” She folds her arms and leans back on the sofa.

“What’s that trick?” I ask.

“When a man gives lingerie to a girl, the next thing is he’ll ask the girl to wear it for him to see. You know, excuses like whether it fits her, whether it looks good on her. In short, he just wants to see lots of flesh. Out of obligation, some girls will sometimes comply just to please the giver.”

Chow Kah blushes, takes a gulp of his Asahi Premium Beer and smiles sheepishly. “Darling, I didn’t know you’re so worldly.”

“Why you sleep naked, Wati? “ I ask, grabbing a handful of salted peanuts.

“There’re many benefits of sleeping naked. First, there’re less clothes to wash. And I don’t need to buy pajamas. Another benefit is that my sleeping time is kept constant. For some people, the ritual of changing into pajamas can become earlier and earlier. Once a person is in pajamas, he or she will likely to be sedentary. That means productive time is eaten away.”

“True, true,” Chow Kah says. “Once, I’m in pajamas after having taken dinner, I’m in bed reading.” He takes the remote and dims the lights. “Let’s talk in a romantic ambiance.”

“Then, there’s the benefit of getting a sound sleep,” Wati adds. "Sometimes, waist elastic-bands that are a bit tight can divert attention from falling sleep.”

She rises to her feet, steps to the hi-fi and presses a button. Saxy jazz seeps from the speakers and sexy girls come alive on the TV screen with lyrics flowing across but nobody is singing. She returns to her former spot on the sofa beside Hussein.

“Yes, drawstrings can be a hindrance,” Chow Kah says.

“You wear pajamas with drawstrings?” I ask, popping a few salted nuts into my mouth.


“Risky!” exclaims Hussein. “If you’re having diarrhoea, it can hinder you rushing to the toilet.” He chuckles. “It happened to me once. I rushed to my wife’s Singer sewing machine, took out a pair of scissors and cut the drawstrings!”

Wati adds, “Sleeping naked also allows your skin to breathe better. Ageing is delayed. You also save on electricity. I always time my air-con to switch off at 4 am.”

“What a smart girl,” Jessica purrs.

“Another benefit is that it makes me feel confident about my body. My self-esteem is boosted as I feel good about my body. Couples will, of course, have sex more often –- better bonding between husband and wife.”

“My first wife also sleeps naked,” Hussein says, a toothpick dangling from his lips. “But she still has low self-esteem and I don’t have sex with her more often.”

“Why?” Chow Kah asks.

“She’s so fat, she can't find pajamas to fit her size!”


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