Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sifu Sabrina advises how to use feng shui elements to attack one’s enemy!

(Pixs of models for illustration purpose only)

“I think you’ve caught me at a busy time,” Sifu Sabrina (pix above) says. “I’m arranging my momentos.” She starts to climb on a ladder. “Anyway, we can still talk. This won’t take long.”

Sitting in Sabrina’s study, I lean back on my chair, head tilted upward. “Sifu Sabrina,” I say, “in our past interviews, you’ve been telling about the beneficial uses of feng shui. But can feng shui elements can used to attack a person’s enemy?”

Sabrina moves a pewter photo frame to one end of a shelf. “Of course.”

“Like how? I’ve read that a pa-qua mirror can deflect bad chi back to the originator. Apart from that, what else?”

“If you want your enemy to suffer financial ruin, place a figurine of a junk or a ship under his roof tiles facing out.” Sabrina climbs up two more steps. "Remember, facing out, not in."

“In the attic?”

“Yes. The position of the junk will activate the flow of wealth out of his home. The longer he stays there, the more financial loss he will suffer.”

“It’s like trying to bell a cat.”

Sabrina turns her head and looks in my direction. “Yes, the perpetrator may need to hire someone to climb on top of the roof, open a few tiles to place the object and replace the tiles.” She takes out a book and tosses it to the carpeted floor, producing a soft thud. “There’s another object that can be placed in the attic to cause the owner continuous sorrow. But remember, the perpetrator does it with the risk of carrying the burden of bad karma.”

“What’s that?”

Sabrina surveys the shelves above her, throws a glance at me. “A funeral towel! The household will suffer one death after another! The whole family may be wiped out.”

“Shit, that’s scary! How about something less sinister?”

“A pair of horses facing each other. When placed in the attic, the result will be frequent quarrels between the husband and wife. A divorce may ensue, breaking up the family.” Her legs start to tremble. “Eeek! This ladder’s wobbly!”

I rise from my chair and start to move towards the ladder. “Don’t worry, I’ll steady it for you.”

“No! No! No!” Sabrina (pix above) calls out. “It’s bad luck!”

I stop in mid-stride. “What? Bad luck?”

“Yes, my undergarment will be above your head. That may bring you bad luck.” Sabrina takes three steps down and casts a side glance at me. “I’m done anyway.” She pauses and takes a deep breath. “Similarly, don’t walk under window-protruding poles that have women’s undergarments hanging to dry.” She climbs down the ladder safely to the floor.


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