Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jessica of Hot Legs Niteclub says shape of a woman’s lips can predict better sex

(Pixs of models for illustration purpose only)

I gulp a mouthful of water-melon juice and put the glass down. “Jess, anything interesting from the Journal of Sexual Medicine?” I wipe my mouth with a piece of Kleenex.

“Why?” asks Jessica (pix above), sitting beside Chow Kah with her back straight. Her legs stretched out; they are shapely like a swimmer’s.

“My readers love new research findings on sexuality.”

Jessica’s hot-pink lips open like rose petals. “Did I tell you about a paper titled ‘Vaginal Orgasm is more Prevalent Among Woman With Prominent Tubercle of the Upper Lip’? A psychology professor named Stuart Brody of the University of the West of Scotland conducted the investigation.”

“Nope. But the name sounds familiar.” After a pause, I snap my fingers. “He’s the guy who found a correlation between the way a woman walks and her sexuality, right?”

Chow Kah’s face beams with interest. “Explain in layman terms, please, Jess.”

Jessica, absent-mindedly stroking Chow Kah’s inner thigh, continues, “That Stuart guy found that women with a puffy tubercle are more likely to experience orgasm when she has sex. Details are in Journal of Sexual Medicine, October 2011 issue.”

Hussein’s jaw drops. “Holy smoke! Angelina Jolie has orgasm every time she has sex?” His right arm is wrapped around Wati’s waist, his hand lightly cupping the upper breast.

“No, don’t be mistaken.” Jessica’s left hand is now slowly exploring the contours of Chow Kah’s back. "The study does not mean bee-stung lips but the little spot in the centre of the upper lips.”

Chow Kah tilts his head slightly down to look at Jessica’s lips. “Where?”

Voluptuous Wati (pix above), dressed in a bustier and denim shorts held up by braces, cuts in, “The tubercle is the plump spot beneath the cupid’s bow. It can be seen clearly if you make a duck-face.” Tilting her jaw upward, she pushes her lips out, runs her hands through her hair (pix above), her bouncy breasts becoming a sensuous playground for thirsting hands, thirsting lips.

Running a gentle finger across her upper lip, Hussein splutters, “Wow! Big!”

Without knocking on the door, Mummy Lulu (right pix below) struts into the karaoke room on stilettos, her pendulous breasts swinging in her tiny beaded bustier. “Well, Ewe, how’s the response to my toyboy tips? Got many hits or not?”

Staring at Mummy Lulu’s lips, Chow Kah gasps in surprise, “Jesus Christ! Mummy's tubercle is bigger still!”

“I also read that article,” says Mummy Lulu, pouting her lips. “Jess lent the journal to me. So, lover boy, my offer’s still open.” She winks at Chow Kah. “My place or your place?”

Chow Kah blanches.



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