Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hooters operates in Singapore and several cities in China but Chow Kah not impressed

[Hooters Beijing]

“Chow Kah, Jess told me that you’re going to Singapore during the Merdeka holidays end of the month?” I say into the mouthpiece of my moby. “Why not go to Hooters in Clarke Quay and tell me all about it?”

“Oh shucks! Hooters Girls in Singapore are no big deal. They’re less sexy.”

“Hey, I was referring to the food! The beers, the drinks! Not the girls! Since you’ve mentioned them, you mean they’re less endowed?”

“Not exactly. The government has imposed restrictions on the girls' uniforms. They show less cleavage. Same thing in China. You can check out the girls' photos on their China and Singapore websites. They’re hooterschina dot com and hooters dot com dot sg respectively.”

Hooters Inc., an American sports-theme restaurant chain, operates 460 outlets in USA and more than 25 branches in foreign countries. There are more than 25,000 Hooters Girls worldwide.

[Hooters Beijing]

[Hooters Singapore]


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