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Hot Legs Niteclub’s hostess Sapphire teaches Chow Kah how to seduce a woman into bed

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The lift slides to a stop at the car-park floor and its bell dings. An inebriated Chow Kah steps out and staggers to his car. He gets inside the BMW, fires the engine and starts to drive along the corridor between rows of vehicles. As he turns a bend, he sees a girl clad in a red dress, blowing a kiss at him. “Oh boy, this is my lucky night!” he mutters to himself as he pulls the car level with her, and slides the passenger-side power-window down.

The long-haired girl leans towards the open window and smiles. “Can you give me a lift home? I can’t start my car.” Her voice sizzles with vivacity.

Chow Kah grins. “Sure, with pleasure.”

She opens the car door and sidles her 36-inch butt on the seat. Then she swings her killer legs in and pulls the door shut. “Thank you.”

“What’re you doing here so late at night?”

“I work at Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke.”

“You do?” Chow Kah arches an eyebrow. “I just came out from there. I’m a regular customer. Odd, I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’m not employed full-time there. I’m a college student. I go there only when I need money. So you’re bound to miss me.” She turns sideways to look at Chow Kah. “You’re a regular customer in Hot Legs? You must like to play women a lot.”

Her forthrightness startles him; he remains silent for a moment and drives up to the parking exit, its bar lowered. “My name’s Ang Chow Kah.” He slides the parking ticket into the machine. “What’s yours, honey?”

“Sapphire. You like to play women, Chow Kah?”

Chow Kah slides the power window up. “To be honest, yes. That’s why I burn so much money in Hot Legs Niteclub.”

“There’re ways to seduce a girl into bed, Chow Kah.” She points to the left with forefinger, its nail varnished pale blue. “Turn at the first left -- my condo’s in Bukit Ceylon. No need to waste money at Hot Legs. I can teach you the techniques to lure a woman into bed.” She turns sideways to glance at him. “First, realize that buying a girl a drink and taking her to a hotel room exists only in movies. To seduce your victim, er—I mean female friend, to bed, you must get close to her, know her well, bond with her.”

“I’d like to know you better, Sapphire. Can you something about yourself?”

“Ah…you’re learning fast! You’re trying to use my first guideline on me. Sorry to disappoint with you, it won’t work with me. So, let me continue. The next step is get naughty with her. Text her messages after work or call her and chit-chat with her. Note her reaction. Does she respond warmly or is she cold towards those phone calls. If she responds well, it is time to get bold. You can now test the water with flirty text messages or sexual innuendoes.”

“Time frame?”

“At least two months in the first step. After that, if she doesn’t distance herself away from you, you can take her to a spot where you and she can be alone together.” She points at the PETRONAS Twin Towers in the distance. “One excellent excuse is to take her to Lake Titiwangsa to show her their reflections in the lake at night. With the car parked in a lonely spot, get into her personal space. Observe how she reacts. If she doesn’t back away, start touching her. Run your fingers lightly over her hand. You get the drift? But don’t go too far. Just build up her sexual tension. Then call it a night. If you or your female friend stays alone, of course, there’re more opportunities to be alone with her. So, the first battle is now won. Continue the nightly phone sex and dirty SMS. But during working hours, just behave normally. Don’t even mention what happened the previous evening. Let her be slightly confused about what your intentions are. And most important, don’t boast about your evening's exploits to any male friend –- such gossip is sure to get back to her. We humans are creatures of habit. When she's used to the light petting, you can proceed to more intimate touching and gradually, she'll be happy to hop into bed with you.”

Chow Kah places his left hand on Sapphire’s lap.

“Why don’t you use both hands?”

“Fondle your lap with both hands?”

“No, drive with both hands, stupid.”

Chow Kah feigns a chuckle and takes his hand from her lap. “Sapphire, do you free-lance?”

She stares ahead at the road. “Do you like me, honey?”

“Yes, I adore you.”

“I’m not in that profession. But I like you too. You’re so kind to give a lift to a stranger. So, I’ll be happy to rock and roll with you without any charges. Only with you.”

A silver thread of droll hangs from the side of Chow Kah’s mouth. “Another stroke of good luck! There’s a motel up ahead.” He pulls the car over to the side of the road.

Half an hour later, while lying in the bed of the motel, Chow Kah calls Mummy Lulu. “Hello, Mummy, why didn’t you tell me you’ve a hostess named Sapphire? Next time, when she goes to Hot Legs, can you inform me? I’d like to book her.” As he speaks, he can hear Sapphire taking a shower in the bathroom.

“Sapphire? You sure?”

“Yes, slightly broad face, sensual lips, long hair. I met her in the car park just now. She’s now prepping herself in the shower to boom-boom with me!”

“Chow Kah, listen carefully. Sapphire worked in Hot Legs three years ago. She got involved with a married man, got pregnant. But he dumped her. She committed suicide by jumping from the car-park floor. She wore red when she died. Her spirit’s powerful during the seventh month. Get out of the room now!”

Chow Kah's scrotum suddenly shrivels; the hair on the back of his neck stands on end. Stark naked, he leaps from the bed and grabs his car key from the side table. Jerking the room door open, he bolts down the corridor, tramps down the staircase two steps at a time and hightails for his car parked on the side of the road.


ISBN (Paperback): 978-981-4423-84-4
ISBN (ebook): 978-981-4423-85-4
Length: 272 pages
Publisher: Monsoon Books, Singapore

Available in Malaysia and Singapore from Popular Bookstore, Kinokuniya, MPH (both store and online) and Select Books Singapore (

The book is sold in Europe, Japan and Australia by the following e-retailers: (UK) (France) (The Netherlands) (Germany) (Denmark) (Norway) (Romania) (Czechoslovakia) (Japan) (Australia)

ebook version will be available soon.


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