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Sifu Sabrina, KL’s hottest fung shui consultant, advises how to energize the Chinese dragon symbol

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“Sifu Sabrina, in my past interviews with you, the various feng shui symbols were discussed.” I pull out a note pad and a ball pen from my shirt pocket. “Now, one popular Chinese mythical animal is the dragon which can also function as a feng shui symbol. How can you energize its power?”

Sifu Sabrina flutters her eyelashes. “Before going to that, I want to point out that the Chinese dragon is different from the Western dragon. The Chinese dragon has no wings yet it can fly. It's often depicted as playing with a fiery ball or pearl.” She gestures with a dainty palm to the cup in front of me. “Please drink your tea."

I take a sip of the hot jasmine tea. “That means one should not buy a picture or a statue of a Western dragon to use it as a fung shui element, right?”

“Righto.” She rests her arms on the desk and leans forward. “But there’s more. Preferably, the Chinese dragon symbol –- figurine or painting -- should be blue, red or gold in colour.”

A whiff of ylang yalang from her perfume quickens my pulse. “Under what circumstances should one invite a dragon into one’s home?”

“Whenever you face an obstruction in your business plan or personal ambition or career, it’s time to activate the dragon energy.” She looks at me in the eye for a moment longer than necessary. “The dragon energy is also useful when you need physical and mental endurance or a high level of motivation to sustain yourself at working at a long and difficult project.”

I scribble on my pad and lean back on my chair. “Placement of the dragon?”

Sabrina pulls out a feng shui book from her right hand drawer and rests one red fishnet-stockinged leg on her desk. “Generally, the dragon should be present in a room that is full of activity. But not the bedroom. In the kitchen, the dragon symbol should face the sink and tap where the water is used for cooking and drinking. This position energizes the water that you drink." She flips to a page in the book, glances at it and looks up. “Porcelain vases with dragon motifs or ceramic dragons should be placed in the south-west or north-east in the living room. In the office or study, hang a dragon painting behind you not facing you. Facing the dragon means confronting the dragon every day. A dragon behind you means having the dragon’s support.” She snaps the book shut, returns it to the drawer and goes to sit on the sofa. “Shall we continue here?” She points to her left foot. "See? I've a stylized dragon tattoo on my foot."

“Er, no need, I’ve only one more question.” I flip to a new page on my note pad. “Any taboos with the dragon?”

She tucks one leg under her buttocks. “Yes, never have a carpet or rug with an image of the dragon. Walking on the dragon will destroy its good vibes. Next, the bedroom is not a good place to have the dragon. Also, never frame a dragon painting with a wooden frame. Its power will be reduced. Always go for a metal frame.” She rises from the sofa, returns to her former spot and places one foot on the seat of her chair. “I think I pulled a calf muscle just now. Maybe resting the foot on the chair will set it right." She points to her left foot again. "See my dragon?"

My eyes run from her foot to her calf to her shapely fair thighs. "Er, it's very cute." I close my note pad, replace it in my shirt pocket and flash a sheepish smile. “Wow, your dragon's very powerful! My heart's pounding like a bass drum." I rise from my chair and start to walk towards the door.

Sifu Sabrina giggles."The dragon tattoo or my sexy legs making your heart pound?"



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