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Sexy Sifu Sabrina, KL’s top feng shui consultant, says good-fortune symbols should be placed in the direction of one’s kua number.

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“Hello Sifu Sabrina?” I say into my cell phone. “You free for lunch? I know a nice place for oysters. We can talk about feng shui while shucking!”

“Why, you son of a -– son of a sly man.” A giggle. “Sure, where’s the place?’


“Ben’s Independent Grocer in Publika?’

“Yes. I’ll see you there at around one-thirtyish.”

An hour later, Sifu Sabrina and I are sitting on stools at the oyster bar in B.I.G.

I pick up an oyster from a pile on a tray of ice and hold it with its curved side at the side of my hand. Inserting a knife between the shells, I give a knife a twist. “What’s your advice for generating wealth?”

The shells separate and I pass the oyster to her.

“Thanks.” She uses a fork to lift the oyster to her mouth. “The easiest way is to have auspicious elements in the house or office. Hmm…the oyster tastes sweet. Many people display the Laughing Buddha, a golden frog sitting on a tray full of coins and the Fook Lo Sau in the living room or business premises. However, apart from these common objects, the power of the mirror can be harnessed to double a person’s wealth."

“Mirror?” I pick another oyster and begin to work on it.

“Yes, hang a big mirror in the dining room so that food is reflected, which symbolizes the abundance of food. Similarly, a mirror which reflects a cash register also symbolizes a doubling of cash coming in. I also recommend hanging ancient Chinese coins over the door. These ancient coins are circular in shape and have a square hole in the centre. They are tied with red strings."

I sprinkle a dash of chili sauce on the oyster, bring the half-shell to my lips and slurp. “I see. No wonder Hot Legs Nightclub & Karaoke does a roaring business. They have -– "

Sifu Sabrina raises her eyebrows. “Hot Legs?"

I smile and shake my head. “Never mind, please continue.”

“You can also tie three gold coins and keep them in your wallet.”

The chili sauce burns my tongue and I take a sip of water-melon juice. “I don’t mean to be skeptical but I’ve seen many people putting those items you mentioned in their homes but they’re not rich. Why?”

“Good question. Auspicious objects should not be placed anywhere. They must be placed in the direction of one’s wealth direction. This is based on your kua number.”

“What is kua number?”

“A person’s kua number is calculated on the last two digits of his or her year of birth and gender. For instance, Take 1975. Add 7 and 5 to get 12. Reduce this digit to a single number.” She hooks strands of stray hair behind her ear. “Add 1 and 2 to get 3. For a man, subtract it from 10. 10 minus 3 is 7. If it is woman, add 5. So 5 plus 3 is 8.

“Another example. 1980. 8 plus 0 is 8. For a male, subtract it from 10. 10 minus 8 is 2. Woman, add 5. 8 plus 5 is 13. Reduce to single digit. 1 plus 3 is 4.”

“That’s easy.”

“You’ve a piece of paper?”

I wipe my hands with a handkerchief. “Sure.” I take out a pocket spiral bound pad from my shirt pocket and hand it over to her.

She puts down her fork, opens her handbag and takes out a ball pen. “I’m going to write down a table to show the auspicious directions for the different kua numbers.”

While she writes, I shuck another oyster and put it on her plate.

“Here you are. Keep it for reference.” She hands me back my memorandum pad.

While she eats another oyster, I read what she has written.

Kua Number -- Wealth Orientation

1 -- Southeast
2 -- Northeast
3 -- South
4 -- North
5 (Male) – Northeast
5 (Female) -- Southwest
6 -- West
7 -- Northwest
8-- Southwest
9 -- East

“So, feng shui objects like a goldfish bowl should be placed in the direction of wealth. Not just any spot that has space for it. Also, you should try to face it as often as you can. When you make an important business call, if you're sitting on a swivel chair, swing round to face your auspicious direction. You get me?”

I put the memo pad back in my shirt pocket. “Any tips for corporate fung shui?’

“It is common knowledge that an office –- or house for that matter -- should not face a road with on-coming road or a cross-road. The best way to counter the bad location is to shift the main entrance either to the extreme right or left to avoid the powerful in-flowing chi. Or hang a part kua above the door.

"When renting or buying an office, choose one that faces a field or an empty plot of land. Never face a mountain, like…er, those shophouses in Batu Caves. I was there once and saw a few rows of shops facing limestone hills. That’s bad.” She wipes her lips with a piece of Kleenex tissue. “If two tall towers come up and overshadow your office building, activate the chi by lighting it up at night. The business may not be doing retailing, it may be a consultancy but a brightly-lit signboard can work wonders.” She suddenly looks at her watch. “Ooops! Time for me go to my client’s office.” She gets down from her stool. “Bye! Thanks for the lunch. By the way, do you know the quickest way to double your money?" She flashes a sly grin.


"Fold the money note in half."

"Veery funny..."



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