Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sexy Jessica and Wati of Hot Legs Nightclub say that bald men are sexy!

(Pixs of models for illustration purpose only)

“Jessica, you know any hair loss products you can recommend to me?” Chow Kah asks.

Jessica (pix above), seated beside Chow Kah, flutters her eyelashes. “Why?” She pours more beer into his willybecher.

We are sitting in a private dining room in a golf clubhouse of which Ang Chow Kah is a member. Through the window, I see the 18-hole golf course that is turfed with Zoysia Matrella on the fairways and Bermuda Tifworf for the greens.

Chow Kah lifts his mug and takes a big swallow. “I’m losing my hair.” He puts the willybecher down. “Yesterday, I noticed lots of hair sticking to the soap I used. At this rate, I will be bald pretty soon.”

Smiling, Jessica turns sideways to look at Chow Kah’s forehead. ““My dear, why are you so hung up on hair? A bald man can still look sexy other things being equal.”

Wati (pix above) chips in: “Don’t be conscious of lack of hair. There’re a few pros with being bald. A bald man looks tidier as there is no sticky hair plastered to the head on a hot day or after he has played sports.” She grabs a handful of water-melon seeds and starts to crack them one by one.

I ask: “Do you girls find bald men sexy?”

“In a way, yes,” says Jessica. “Bald men are more mature as they don’t hide behind wigs. A guy who carries a small comb in his back pocket and combs his hair at every opportunity reeks of boyishness.”

Hussein chips in: “Bald men are also more self-confident. They have the guts to sport a shiny pate, and are less obsessed with their looks.” He takes a keropok from a platter in the centre of the table, brings it to his mouth and starts to chew on it.

Jessica takes a sip of her Chinese tea. “Yes, such men can accept change. They know their body is ageing and accept it.” She pauses to adjust a bra strap. “Yet they’re still active sexually because of their high testosterone levels. This is the culprit that causes hair loss.”

I look at Jessica. “In fact, Albert Mannes published a research paper in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science stating that though bald men were perceived to be less attractive, they were perceived to have more leadership qualities and to be more masculine."

Chow Kah asks: “Who’s Albert Mannes?”

“He’s a lecturer in the University of Pennsylvania.”

Wati leans sideways and rests her hand on Hussein’s lap. “Anyhow, a man can compensate for his baldness by keeping a moustache, a beard or a goatee."

Jessica scrunches up her face. “My goodness, a bald man with facial hair looks like a villain in a movie! Also looks lecherous."

Hussein puts an arm over Wati’s shoulder. “But he’s bound to be memorable to the people he meets. He will stand out in a party or a business conference.”

A waitress enters the room and puts a bowl of fish head curry on the table. A spicy flavor tickles my nostrils. “How many rice?” asks the waitress.

Chow Kah says: “Five. Fork and spoons and plates, please.”

Jessica asks: “Do you know that men who are bald in front of their heads are good thinkers? Those bald at the back of their heads are good lovers.” She uses a ladle to lift up the contents of the bowl for a second. “Wow, got big squids and prawns also.”

Chow Kah sits upright. “This is their signature dish.” He drapes a napkin over his lap and pushes his willybecher away.

Hussein asks: “No kidding, Jess?”

“No kidding what?”

“No kidding that men who are bald in front of their heads are good thinkers, while those bald at the back of their heads are good lovers.”

Before Jessica can reply, I ask: “What about those bald both in front and back?”

Jessica puts a napkin on her lap and smile. “They only think they’re good lovers. All talk no action.”


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