Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bombshell Jessica of Hot Legs Nightclub gives tips on how to avoid getting cut while shaving

(Pixs of models for illustration purpose only)

“Jesus! What happened to you, Chow Kah?” asks Jessica ()pix above).

Chow Kah fingers the Elastoplast plaster on his upper lip. “I accidentally cut myself while shaving.”

“You should be more careful.”

“I was using a razor with a week-old blade. I was also in a hurry.”

“Poor darling, let me give a few tips how not to cut yourself while shaving, okay?” She sips her orange juice and puts the glass down. “First, never use an old blade. Aways keep a few spare blades ready. Change them when you feel there’re nicks in the old blade.”

“I see.”

“You also need to prep yourself. Wash your face with warm water. Or leave a hot towel on your face for a minute. That will help to soften the beard or bristles.”

“Hot water will also open the pores, right?”

“Yes. For many Chinese men, lathering with shaving cream is not necessary. You should pull the skin flat when shaving areas that are round in contours like the chin. Don't shave against the grain but follow the direction of growth of the beard. Use short, downward strokes. Avoid applying too much pressure on the blade, let it glide over the skin. Finally, you must concentrate on what you’re doing.”

“Er, why don’t we go to the washroom and you can shave for me? I mean demonstrate for me.”

“Okay, you go first, I’ll come later.”

“Oh no, another of your tricks again! You’ll send Mummy Lulu to the washroom, rite?”

Jessica giggles, exposing ivory-white teeth.

Mummy Lulu (right pix) pops her head in the karaoke room. "I heard someone call my name?"

Chow Kah gasps: "It's nothing, Mummy, nothing."


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