Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hot Chinese girl reveals sexual prowess of legendary concubine Yang Kwei Fei

From a bowl, Jessica picks a lychee fruit, peels it carefully, and pops it into Chow Kah’s mouth. It is such displays of GFE that makes her the red number in Hot Legs Karaoke & Niteclub.

“Why got free lychees tonight, huh?” asks Hussein, stroking the cheek of Wati with his hand slung over her shoulder. Wati’s left hand caresses Hussein’s right palm placed on her lap.

“Mamasan Lulu bought a basket from a wholesaler.”

Chow Kah spits out the seed and puts in it in the ashtray. “Lychees remind me of concubine Yang Kwei Fei.”

“Who’s she?” I ask, pouring sugar water into my iced lemon tea.

“She was the favourite concubine of Emperor Huan Tsung,” Chow Kah says. “They lived during the Tang dynasty. Their love affair was legendary. She loved to eat lychess and the emperor ordered despatch riders to bring them from far away. In fact, Yang Kwei Fei ate lychees almost every day. They did wonders for her complexion.”

“The emperor got so many gundik-gundik [concubines], why he liked her the most?” Hussein asks, and Wati whispers into his ear “So many GRO’s here, why you like me the most?”

“Her sexual prowess loh,” Jessica says, and Hussein murmers at Wati’s cheeks “Mu seksi [you're sexy] and I also hope to taste your sexual prowess one day.”

"Sorry lah, no chance," Wati replies and winks an eye.

“Yang Kwei Fei developed new sex techniques. Kept the emperor busy with sex until he neglected his official duties.” Jessica's nipples jut from her tight chiffon top as she bend her arms backward to place a small cushion at the back of her head. They are as round as lychees but smaller. “Then the Tang Dynasty collapsed. I’ve read stories about her. Sex techniques she has second to none.”

Chow Kah’s eyes gleamed with interest. “Like how?”

“Her health she always took care. She consumed wu we zi frequently. Don’t know how to call it in Cantonese. But biologically, it’s called schisandra chinensis. This herb produces abundant sexual fluids in women and –- “

Wah, must buy for my wife!”

“Shhhh ... please don’t interrupt.” Wati places her slender forefinger to her red lips, and thereafter, she offers it to Hussein to kiss, but he sucks it hungrily like a lollipop.

“Another of Kwei Fei’s regular herb was morinda root. It cures infertility and frigidity in women. Another herb called Damiana or turmera diffusa she drank once a week. This is an aphrodisiac for women – something like kacip fatimah. Strengthens the central nervous system.”

Chow Kah eyes blaze with teenage-like curiosity. “What about her techniques -– I mean those in bed?”

“She invented the Flying Dragon position. In this position, the woman lies on her back with legs together. The man positions himself over her with his knees on the bed. He inserts his jade stalk into her golden moss cave.

“Now, here’s the secret. The man thrusts eight shallow motions followed by two deep ones and withdraws quickly. Remember -- eight shallow, two deep, and a quick withdrawal. When this cycle is repeated again and again, the woman’ll enjoy great pleasure and contract like a spanner wrench! Not to mention overflow her Yangtze Kiang river.”

“Only one invention ah?” Chow Kah’s crotch bulged.

“”Gooot! Got more.”

“She also developed the Tiger’s Walk technique. Something like doggie. But again thrusting rhythm’s the vital key. Five short, shallow motions and eight deep ones -– buried to the max. The woman’s private part will contract and open with the motions and hot lava will flow from her volcano. All these techniques she taught the emperor.

“Then there were others called by funny names such as Mounting Turtle and Mating Cicadas. But enough for tonight. Let’s get to what we’re here for – sing.

“Before that, please excuse me. I need to change my wet panty.”

Wati peels away from Hussein. “Me, too.”


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