Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot nightclub hostesses receive special panties from Chow Kah

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

Simultaneously, Jessica and Wati kiss Chow Kah on the cheeks, leaving red lipstick stains, which he does not bother to wipe off. He has just returned from a vacation from Guilin, China and has bought presents for them, the sexiest GROs in Hot Legs Niteclub and Karaoke.

“Oh, thank you, thank you!” Jessica says. Hopping like an Energizer bunny, she tears open the package. As she bounces, her breasts jiggle up and down like jelly.

“Oh, you need not have bought us presents,” says Wati, clad in tank top and leather miniskirt. “The thought is most appreciated anyway.” Turning to Hussein, she asks: “How come you never buy us any presents? You kedekut [stingy] lah!”

Hussein smiles sheepishly. “I seldom travel. But next trip, I’ll buy something for you.”

“Don’t give me those useless key chains!” Wati crumples the wrapper and passes it to him. “Please throw in the waste-basket, darling.”

“No, no, I’ll buy better stuff than key chains.” He slam dunks the paper ball into the waste-basket near him.

The two sex bombs show what Chow Kah has bought them from Giulin –- panties. Jessica holds a leopard-spot panty and another of polka-dot design in her hands and admires them. “Oh, they’re lovely.”

Wati waves a tiger-striped panty and a butterfly design panty in the air. “Wow, I can be a tigress in bed.”

“Hey, don’t wave above my head,” Hussein says. “Bad luck.”

“Don’t be silly, bad luck only when the panty has been worn,” Chow Kah says. “These are new -– bring good luck instead.” He chuckles, drains his Singtao beer with a draught. “These’re not ordinary panty. They’re made of bamboo.”

“Why bamboo?” I ask. “Why not cotton or silk?”

“Bamboo is more hygienic. Oil and bacteria and menstrual stains come off easily. Can someone get me a punch bowl filled with water and a bottle of black sauce?”

Jessica leaves the karaoke room and returns with the necessary equipment.

Chow Kah sits upright on the sofa. “Wati, I hope you don’t mind I use your butterfly panty for my demonstration. It’s white, so we can see the before and after-effects better.”

He pours a few drops of black soy sauce on the garment. Then he dips it into the
punch bowl. The black soy sauce floats to the surface, leaving the white panty unstained. “See? No need detergent to get rid of the stains,” says Chow Kah, lifting the panty from the punch bowl.

The two GROs patter their hands.

“Want me to wear the polka-dot panty for you to see?” Jessica asks Chow Kah. Her left eye winks at him.

“I know you’re joking. So my answer is no, thanks.”

“Actually, I was serious. I swear. Since you say no, no need loh!” Jessica’s red lips part, revealing perfect white teeth.

Chow Kah punches his right fist into his left palm. “Aiyah! Golden opportunity wasted.”


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