Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot nightclub girls turn royals-bashers

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

Hussein finished singing Indonesian song Widuri and put his mike down; his forefinger jabbed at a few buttons on a remote control. “Let’s stop singing for a while and watch the Royal Wedding.”

“Good idea!” concurred Wati, a drop-dead gorgeous GRO with her head leaning against the side of Hussein’s shoulder. “I missed the live telecast, so let’s watch the repeat.” She looked ravishing in a small burgundy rib-exposing top.

Chow Kah, Hussein, Wati, Jessica – the hottest of the hot GROs in Hot Legs Karaoke -- and I were glued to the TV monitor. Water melon shells were strewn on the plush carpeting of the karaoke room.

“Jesuz… Prince Charles is white-haired already," I said. "Poor guy... old already -- and can’t become king because Queen Elizabeth is still alive.”

“Eh? That’s Prince Philip, the queen’s husband. How come he’s not king?” asked Chow Kah, a die-hard playboy, with long-haired, busty Jessica at his side. Her skimpy pink attire complemented her cream-coloured skin in an enticing manner.

Wati displayed that she’s got brains as well as sex appeal. “In Britain, the crown normally passes from monarch to eldest son. As King George VI had no son, it passed to his elder daughter, now Queen Elizabeth II. That’s why Philip is not king.”

The camera zoomed in on Prince William, looking resplendant in red.

“Eeee...” said Jessica. “Prince William is bald already! See? See the back of his head. ”

“How old is he?" I asked, munching some salted nuts.

“Thirty-something,” said Hussein. “Wah! I’m older than him and I’ve more than hair. Maybe wearing that hat too often has made the Prince bald!”

Wati giggled. “Heeheehee...Hussein is very happy he's got more hair than someone younger. Actually, this Prince looks like a beaver lah. He’s got protruding teeth – looks better if he doesn’t smile.”

“Aiyooooh...that gay lou Elton John is also there!” uttered Chow Kah.

“There! There! Beside him is his partner!” I pointed at the TV screen.

“Gross, but such pomp and pageantry huh?”

Wati was derisive. “Yes, pomp and pageantry for the royals but who's paying for those expenses? The British taxpayers! According to a news website, the royal wedding ceremony will cost the British taxpayers a whopping US$48 million! Actually, the British anti-royalists are going to capitalise on the wedding to campaign their vision for a monarchy-free Europe. In fact, the Mail Online reported that protestors planning to guillotine effigies of royals were arrested."

“Shhhh...not so loud, “ mocked Chow Kah. “You might be banned from entering Ye Olde England."

"Who cares?" Jessica stabbed a piece of pineapple with a tooth-pick, bringing it to Chow Kah's open mouth.

“Let me tell you an incident about Queen Elizabeth and President Obama,” said Wati. "It happened during Obama's visit to England."

“Queen Elizabeth and Obama were travelling in a horse carriage to Buckingham Palace from Heathrow Airport. Partway, one of the rear horses broke wind – kentut -- and the inside of the horse carriage got really smelly. Obama covered his nose with a handkerchief.

"The Queen told Obama, ‘Mr President, I am very sorry for the terrible smell.
Even though I’m Queen of the British Empire, there're a few things that are beyond my control.”

"Obama replied, ‘It’s alright, Your Royal Highness, I perfectly understand. For a minute, I thought it was one of your horses.’ “.


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