Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enjoying a massage session with extra service thrown in

"Thank God it's Friday" meant a drinking session for me, Anthony Au and Chow Kah to restore our sanity after a week's stress. I, always being the driver for the duo, only sipped a couple of milk shakes. After we had sung ourselves sore in the throat with the sexiest GROs in KL, we called it a night.

I first drove to Tingkat Tong Shin where Chow Kah rented a room. "I need to borrow your loo," I said, stopping the car outside the house.

"Come on in, then," said Chow Kah.

As we went in, we saw a woman coming out of the front room with a man. They were both giggling. The woman was plain but with some make-up and revealing clothes, she could still cause a flutter in many a man's heart.

After we had relieved outselves, we went outside to the car.

"Who's she?" asked Anthony, lighting a cigarette.

"That was my landlady. She's a former masseuse in a shady health centre," explained Chow Kah. "My landlord's a van salesman who's always home late. When her husband isn't in, my landlady would invite male friends over. I had asked the neighbour about the goings-on and he said the men were my landlady's former clients during her massage-parlour days. Apparently, she's back at her old trade to support her compulsive gambling habit. And if she likes the man, she can give more than a massage, and for free. She's a lonely woman."

Anthony suddenly stretched out his arms. "Funny, my arms been aching these few days."

Chow Kah got the message. "Come again tomorrow afternoon," he said. "I'll have a word with my landlady."

The next day, Anthony went early. He had lugged me along for company.

I sat in the living room with Chow Kah while Anthony went to the bedroom with the landlady... for a massage, it seemed.

A minute later, she came out and went to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and began looking for something.

Suddenly a van stopped in front of the house, and a man walked in. He had the face of a bulldog and the body of Godzilla. It was Chow Kah's landlord. He went straight to the bedroom.

Chow Kah and I heard him holler: "So! You're the one who's been fooling around with my wife!"

Anthony bolted from the bedroom like a startled rabbit.

We saw him hightail for his car -- in only his polka-dot socks.


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