Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tips to avoid a haunted hotel room, according to Sifu Sabrina

“Yes, Robin, how can I help you?” Sifu Sabrina (right pix) asks, sitting upright in her leather swivel chair.

“I’m starting off as a freelance travel writer,” says Robin. “Can you give me some tips on how to avoid booking into a haunted hotel? I’ll be travelling around the country.” He catches a whiff of Sabrina's perfume, and a tingle slithers to his crotch.  

Sabrina folds her arms. “Avoid colonial-era buildings converted to hotels. Any spot that has seen violent history will have spirits wandering round. For example, there are stories that apparitions of Japanese soldiers have been seen walking down the corridors in a heritage hotel in KL. When the World War II Japanese Government surrendered in 1945, many Japanese officers committed hara kiri there.”  She crosses her legs at the knees. “Also, give hotels renovated from old buildings a pass.  For instance, Malacca and Penang have several old Baba Nyonya hotels. Many of them  use the old furniture and display the century-old artefacts which belonged to people who have died long ago.  Those old stuff may still carry the negative chi of the deceased.”

Robin holds Sifu Sabrina’s gaze with widened eyes. “I’m planning a trip to a hill resort next month.”

Sifu Sabrina tosses her gaze to her office door behind Robin. “Genting Highlands?”

“No, but I’ve read several stories about certain apartments and hotels there." Robin looks away from Sabrina’s eyes and stares at her cleavage. "Rooms where gambling-related suicides and homicides have occurred are haunted. Such rooms have been sealed up [pixs below].”

“Even in other hill resorts, don’t stay in apartments and bungalows that are not occupied most of the time except during the school holidays.  Dark and lonely places attract spirits easily, what more if it is situated on the edge of a jungle high up in a mountain. Better stay in a modern hotel if you want to holiday in a hill resort.
“Also, check using Google map the location of the hotel you intend to stay in. Is it located near a cemetery? Just key in ‘Chinese cemetery’ or ‘tanah perkuburan Islam’ followed by the location and see whether any results show up.  I know a hotel in Jalan Tambun in Ipoh where many of its guests have encountered paranormal sightings and incidents because it faces a Chinese cemetery.” Sabrina rests one hand over her chest to cover her docolletage. 

Robin tosses his gaze to Sabrina's pink lips. “Is there anything I can do if I feel that the place I’ve booked is spooky?”

“The motto of the Boys Scouts is ‘Be Prepared.’ A frequent traveller like you should carry a Chung Kwei amulet and some sulphur powder and sandalwood with you at all times. Knock on the door of the hotel room and wait a while before you enter. Once you’re inside, open all windows and let fresh air and sunlight come in. Flush the toilet and turn on the TV or radio to fill the room with positive vibes. Burn the incense in a burner and sprinkle some sulphur over it. The sulphuric smoke will drive away all evil spirits if there're any. If you don't want to create smoke in a non-smoking room, you can burn benzoin essential oil and let the smell diffuse in the room.”

“That means I need to bring along a burner too."

"Righto." A smile tugs at Sabrina's lips, creating two dimples. 

"For simplicity, how I wish I could bring my mother-in-law with me on my travels.”

Sabrina scrunches her nose. "Oh? Why?”

“Her face’s so fierce she can scare a ghost away.”


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