Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chinese zodiac animal signs that clash with Tai Sui for 2017, according to Sifu Sabrina

"For 2017, the animal signs that conflict directly with Tai Sui are Rooster and Rabbit,"  says Sifu Sabrina (right pix). "Horse and Rat will be in indirect conflict. Tai Sui will reside in the West in 2017 so be careful of what you do in the western sector of your home or office. People born under those four affected signs should rearrange their furniture to face east. " She leans forward and taps on her laptop. "To find a temple nearest to you that offers a Tai Sui-pacifying ceremony, go to angkongkeng dot com. This website lists almost all the Chinese temples in Malaysia and the services they offer like feeding of white tiger, beating of malefactors, reading of Almanac and Tai-Sui pacifying."



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