Saturday, December 31, 2016

Be careful of what objets d'arts you display at home, advises Sifu Sabrina

[Pixs of model for illustrative purpose only]

"So, Sifu Sabrina," I say, leaning back in my chair, "from which direction is the God of Wealth coming for the Year of the Rooster?"

Sifu Sabrina runs her hand through her hair (pix above). "Speaking of Chai Sin, do you remember the Chucky movies?"

She and I are sitting in her office in Low Yat Plaza, KL.  Her window overlooks bustling BB Park below and traffic-chocked Bukit Bintang Road beyond.

"Of course!" My gaze meets hers for a moment. "They were about a doll which is inhabited by the spirit of a serial killer." My gaze travels to her sensuous ruby-red lips. "Why?"

"In the Sam Kow Tong Temple in Brickfields, we have our own version of Chucky, or rather, sort of."

"Huh?" My nose crinkles in puzzlement. "What do you mean?"

"Two wooden string puppets in the first-floor altar are inhabited by the spirit of Chai Sin and his other half."  Sabrina shoots a matter-of-fact gaze at me (pix below). "According to hearsay, these hundred-year-old puppets were originally used in a Chinesa opera to depict the life of Chai Sin and his wife when he was a mortal." She shifts slightly in her chair, causing the springs to creak a little. "Years later, the owner of the puppets noticed to his horror that they had a life of their own when they were not in use!" She cocks her head and rests her hands on the cushioned arms of the chair. "Consultations with a temple medium revealed that spirit of Chai Sin and his wife had inhabited the puppets!"

"Wowie zowie!" My jaw sags.  "Did the puppet owner ask for lottery numbers?"

"I don't know. At that time, perhaps there was no lottery yet. Anyway,  the owner donated the puppets to the temple for worshipping."  She takes her handphone from the desk, taps at it and shows me the screen. "These are the puppets. Spooky huh?"

"Yup!" I feel the hair at the back of my neck bristle. "The puppets' faces have turned black."

"Which brings me to my observation and free advice." Sabrina sits upright. "Be careful of what objets d'art you  display in the living room, especially, if there are lighted joss-sticks nearby. Never display items resembling monsters, ghouls and denizens of the nether world. The fragrance of the joss-sticks may attract evil spirits to reside in those objects."

I nod and my lips upturn in a smile. "Back to my question. What is the arrival time, date and direction of Chai Sin in the Rooster Year?"

"I haven't done the astrological calculations yet." A grin stretches across her kiss-inviting lips.  "Come again when I'm done -- I'll call you." She rises to her feet. "Goodbye, thanks for coming."


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