Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Safe driving tips back for Chinese New Year reunion by Debbie Ding, defensive driving instructor

“Start the journey early, so that means having enough sleep the night before,” says Debbie Ding (pix above), leaning back on the leather car seat. “Before the journey, you should send your car to a workshop mechanic for an inspection. Ask him to look for frayed belts, worn brake pads, loose wires, level of water in radiator and suchlike.  If your tyres are bald, change them immediately. Prefer travelling along the highways to trunk roads.” She opens the car door a crack and screens down the window. “Trunk roads are notorious for accidents during festive seasons.  If you are travelling with children, bring some toys, finger snacks and games to keep them occupied. Have a potty and a few plastic bags ready.

“The night before, put a few damp face towels in a plastic bag and leave them in the fridge. Take them with you for the journey. Use them to wipe your face once in a while to stay fresh and alert. Don’t drink too much water unless you don’t mind taking a leak behind a bush as rest stops beside highways will be packed with travelers.  Never, never multi-task while driving such as apply lipstick, eat, kiss or use the cellular phone.” Debbie gets out of the car and rests her butt on the front bonnet (pix below). 

"When driving, remember that there are only two correct positions on the steering wheel.  Nine-and-three and eight-and-four, corresponding to the numerals on the face of a clock. That means hands on the position of the numerals nine and three of a clock face or eight and four. Don’t put a hand on the top of the steering wheel, as the activation of the air bag during an accident will force your arm against your face. Observe speed limits and avoid road hypnotism on straight roads by occasionally glancing to the sides.  If you love to wear heels, kick them off after getting into the car and change to flats to drive. Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a safe journey home.”    


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