Monday, December 12, 2016

Man sells himself to bury father!

During the Han Dynasty, a poor farmer named Dong Yong offered to sell himself as a slave to a rich merchant because he could not afford a coffin for his father who had died.  The merchant agreed and bought a coffin for Dong Yong to bury his father. Thereafter, Dong Yong  went to work for the merchant. One day, a pretty maiden appeared at the merchant's mansion and offered to weave 30 rolls of silk in five days in return for the freedom of Dong Yong. The merchant's jaw dropped when he saw the sex-bomb maiden (pix below) and agreed. Once the silk was delivered, he freed Dong Yong from

his slavery. Did Dong Yong marry the maiden? Nay, the maiden transformed into her true self. She was a goddess! Moved by Dong Yong's act of filial piety, she had decided to help him. Before Dong Yong could say thank you, she started to float to heaven! And the merchant got down on his knees to pray for forgiveness for harbouring dirty thoughts about the erstwhile sex kitten!

If you want to read more tales of filial piety, go to the Choo Sing Tong Temple which is dedicated to the God of War. On one wall are written several such stories alongside relief carvings.  Opposite the temple is an economical restaurant which should make your visit to the temple worthwhile. Other points of interest are statues of  the Laughing Buddha, Kuan Yin, the monk Xuan Zang, and the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac on the bank of the Sungei Batu.

Choo Sing Tong Temple
Jalan Mangga
Off Jalan Ipoh
Tel: 03-40433608


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