Friday, December 16, 2016

Chow Kah gives his son a bicycle for Christmas

[Pixs of models for illustrative purpose only] 

Standing at the kitchen stove, Mrs Ang (pix below) is busy stirring a pot of soup when she hears the living room door open and slam. “Is that you, David?”

“Yes, Mom.” David, aged sixteen, starts to cross the living room.

“You’re late, David.” Mrs Ang casts a glance out the kitchen door. “How was school today?”

Footfalls sound from the staircase as David climbs up. “I was in detention class and had sex with my teacher!”

Mrs Ang’s hand flies to her chest and her eyebrows shoot up. “What! Is it true?”

David shouts from the staircase landing. “Mum, I wouldn’t tell a lie, would I?”

“Stay in your room!” Mrs Ang mops her brow with her white apron. “Wait till your Daddy gets home! I’m going to tell him what you told me!”


Ang Chow Kah knocks on the door of his son’s room, opens it and enters. He sees his son leaning against the headboard of the bed and reading the December edition of Penthouse Thailand.  The magazine is subscribed by Chow Kah and he leaves copies lying around  everywhere. 

“David,” Chow Kah says, sitting down on the edge of the mattress. “Mum said you had sex with your teacher?”

“Yes, Papa.” David’s voice is non-chalant.

“Why you son of a gun! You’re a chip of the old block!” The corners of Chow Kah’s mouth turn upward (right pix). “I am so proud of you! You've my philandering genes, a true son of Ang." He pats the boy on the shoulder. "I’m going to buy to you a bicycle for Christmas as a reward.”

“Yay, thank you, Papa.”


“Merry Christmas, son!” Chow Kah points to a bicycle at a Christmas tree.  “Come on son, try your new bicycle!”

“Aw, I can’t Papa!” David rubs his backside. “I had sex with my teacher again yesterday. My butthole hurts and I can’t ride it!”


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