Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nightclubber Hussein joins a fitness centre

[Pixs of models for illustration only]

Wati (pix above) places her hands on the seat of the settee. “Where’s Hussein? He’s very late.” She leans sideways to look out the glass section of the door, hoping to catch sight of him.

I cast my glance at her. “He’s not coming. Tonight, he has zumba classes at his fitness centre.” I crack a groundnut and lob the seeds into my mouth.

Seated next to Chow Kah, Jessica (pix below) sips her sangria. “What’s zumba?” She’s garbed in a casual top and fuchsia shorts.

Chow Kah looks up from his iPhone. “It’s a dance workout performed to energetic music.”

Jessica, Wati, Chow Kah and yours truly are watching music performances on the monitor in the VVIP Karaoke Room of Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke, KL.

Wati leans back on the settee. “Where’s his fitness centre?”

“Seri Hartamas.” I flick my gaze from the TV monitor to her. “He just joined last week.”

After More Than Friends by Tiger Huang ends, the door of the karaoke room swings open and enters Hussein, following by a gush of warm smokey air from the hall outside.

He wriggles his fingers. “Hi, everybody!”

My eyebrows rise in surprise. “Eh?  Aren’t you supposed to be exercising?”

“Good to see you, darling!” Wati rises to her feet, sticking her cheek out for a kiss (right pix). “So, you left your fitness centre early?” After getting a peck on the cheek, she swallows Hussein in a tight bear hug.

Hussein’s face appears over Wati’s shoulder with a scowl. “I resigned! On the spot!”

Chow Kah replaces his iPhone in his shirt pocket. “Oh, why?”

Hussein plops down on the settee and takes out his mobile phone. “See this? This is the photo in their e-brochure they sent to me. It’s supposed to be the centre’s team of fitness instructors (pix below).”

Wati playfully slaps Hussein’s shoulder. “So! The sexy instructors lured you to join?”

“Sort of!” Hussein wraps an arm around Wati’s slender waist. “This evening when I was there for the first time, I met the real instructors.” He taps a button on his mobile. “Look at this photo! I snapped it with my phone. These are the real instructors! (pix below)” He shakes his head. “I've lost all my motivation to lose weight!”

“Holy cow!” Chow Kah takes out his own mobile from his pants pocket. “I better cancel my membership of the Yamaguchi Aikido Club! It's run by a Japanese lady. Hope I can get a refund.”

I sit upright. “Why?”

While Jessica covers her mouth to snigger, Chow Kah taps his iPhone and shows the screen to everyone. “This is the photo in their sales brochure (pix below). I’ve a feeling that pretty girl’s not the instructor.”

Jessica slaps her knees. “I’ve seen the instructor before.” She stifles a giggle. “You’re right! The sifu is not that lady in your photo.” She pulls out her handphone tucked in her cleavage and jabs a button. “I've the real photo of the sifu. Last week, I took my grandpa to Yamaguchi for a trial lesson and took this photo of her. This is the  sifu! (pix below)."

Chow Kah throws his hands up in exasperation. “I should have known!”

Hussein slaps the arm of the settee with a palm. “People who put out fraudulent advertisements should be thrown in jail!”


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