Sunday, December 13, 2015

Angie Ang, Penang’s top romance and marriage consultant, gives dating tips for short guys!

[Pixs of models for illustration only]

The door of Angie Ang’s office in Love Lane, Georgetown, swings open and in walks a man only five feet tall.

“Good morning, Mr Simon Sze!” Angie (pix above) smiles and wriggles two fingers as a welcome. “You’re early for your appointment. How can I help you?” She gestures to the visitor’s chair across her desk.

Wearing platform shoes, Simon (right pix) plops himself into the chair. “I’m short, so I’m handicapped when it comes to dating.” He places his hands on his lap and interlocks his fingers. “I don’t understand why girls discriminate against short guys. What’s wrong with us shorties?”

“I understand your situation.” Sympathy radiates from Angie’s eyes. “Research conducted jointly by the University of Rice and University of North Texas shows that women prefer taller partners.” She pulls out a drawer and picks up a magazine. “The research findings were published in the Journal of Family Issues –- I’m holding the copy here.” Turning to a page in the journal, she reads from it. “The most common reason was that women wanted to feel more feminine and protected. There is also the issue of physical intimacy. Women find it easier to hold hands and kiss their taller partners.” She closes the journal and replaces it in the drawer. “Not all is lost for the height-challenged guy. He stands a fair chance of winning a tall girl if he plays his cards right.”

“I’ve been rejected more than ten times.” A hoarse groan drags from Simon’s lips. “One gal even made fun of me! She referred to me as ‘little brother’! Now, I’m scared shit to approach tall girls.”

“For starters, a short man needs lots of self-confidence to tackle a taller girl.”

“By self-confidence, you mean displaying positive body language, talking in a suave manner and dressing smartly?” Simon hikes his chin. “That’s nothing new to me.”

“More than that. Self-confidence comes from your inner self-worth. To build your inner self-worth, you‘ve to accomplish things that are worthy of praise or admiration. Examples are getting a good performance evaluation in your job, excelling in a hobby or a fun activity.” She arches her brows. “Being well-read can help boost a person’s self-confidence, so can doing charity work in your church, or getting a black belt in karate if you’re into martial arts. In short, exploit your potential to the fullest. Be accomplished in as many areas as possible. If your're just a short average Joe without substance, your exterior self-confidence will crumble after a few dates." A slow exhale breezes over her cherry red lips. “Once you’ve prepared yourself internally, go for the external aspects as you’ve mentioned –- body language, dressing and manner of talking.” She adjusts her spectacles. “Let me give you a few random pointers in those areas. Forget about gimmicks like wearing platform shoes or hidden lifts in your shoes. Forget about lying about your height if you intend to join an online dating website. Coz when you meet your date, she will perceive you as a liar.” Her brows bunch into a frown. “When chatting with a tall girl, never, never bring in the issue of height. On the other hand, if she brings this up, just laugh it off. Have a few witty answers ready. Displaying a red face is a no-no. In the area of personality, a short man should never be a funny man. Sure, by being funny, he'll make her laugh but she'll regard him as a funny clown, like Danny DeVito. And she'll relegate him to the friend zone eternally. By all means, have a sense of humour but be serious and matured. It is also important for a short man to be chivalrous –- opening the car door for his date or pulling out the chair for her are two examples. Be manly! These little gestures will help to give him an edge over his taller competitor. Last but not least, a short man should not take up body-building. He will look even worse if he’s broad and short.”

“Like a pit bull!” Simon chuckles and then releases an exhale. “How do I know whether a girl has a height preference?”

“Ah! Good question. Observe what shoes she wears. If she’s always wearing heels instead of flats, she’s into height. A girl whose feet are always in flats is more likely to place less importance in her partner’s height. The secret to dating success for short men is to go for women who’re not concerned about height. These women talk respectfully to short men.”

"Yes, I'm getting the gist of your advice." Eyes twinkling, Simon rubs his hands. “Last week, I saw a seven-foot Watusi model (bottom pix) on an online dating website. I’m going to email her tomorrow!” His lips curve in a satisfied smile.


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