Monday, November 16, 2015

Attractive women should not work for women bosses, says Paulina Phuar

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“What’s your problem?” asks Paulina Phuar (pix above), KL's top PR and management consultant.

Maggie Ming (pix below) releases an exhale. “I face constant harrassment by my lady boss!”

Paulina removes her spectacles and chews on one temple end. “An attractive woman like you should not work for a female boss.”

Maggie knits her brows. “Why?” She rests her hands on the arms of her chair.

“Many women bosses suffer from the Queen Bee Syndrome.”

“What’s that?”

Paulina leans back in her swivel chair. “The term was coined by G.L. Staines, T.E. Jayaratne and C. Travis in their research study which was published in Psychology Today in 1974. It refers to a woman in a position of authority who’s more critical of her female subordinates vis-a-vis males." She steeples her hands. "As a result, a woman who works under such a female boss will be bullied, pressured and be a victim of nitpicking -– like you for instance. It seems that attractive women are the biggest victims.”

“Come on, today’s 2015. That study was conducted in 1974. The Queen Bee still exists?”

“Of course! In fact, the number of such bitches has grown!” Paulina’s lips upturn in a scowl. “In 2010, the Workplace Bullying Institute conducted a study which showed that female bullies directed their hostilities towards other women 80% of the time. And in 2011, the American Association of Management discovered in a survey of 1,000 women that 95% of them felt they had been undermined by another woman at some point in their career.”

“How to deal with such a bloody bitch –- er, I mean Queen-Bee lady boss?”

“First golden rule is never outdress her! Since you’re curvy, don’t wear clothes that accentuate your figure. Also, never embarrass her even though your intentions are good. For example, if she’s wearing pant suit and her fly in undone, just keep your big mouth shut!" Paulina flashes a grin. "Next, be alert and efficient at all times. Hide a recorder on your person when you’re on a one-on-one meeting with her. Later, when the bitch wants to deny having said this or that, play back the recording! Finally, cultivate a network of alliances. Your co-workers can back you up if the bitch wants to make you the fall guy or gal for anything that has screwed up. Last resort is to resign.”

“What’re the causes of the Queen Bee Syndrome?”

Paulina shrugs her shoulders. “Maybe personal insecurities, a desire for power, self-preservation if she’s middle management.” She flicks a gaze at her watch. “Excuse me a moment.” She jabs a button on her intercom. “Miss Su, have you forgotten my cookies and coffee? It’s already 4pm! Time for my tea! Also, where’re the minutes of my meeting with my clients yesterday? Just now, you came back one minute late from lunch. Never let me catch you doing that again! And tomorrow onward, stop wearing that sheath dress! It’s too sexy for an office. Also, have you made an appointment for my cat to see the vet? Poor Kitty’s not been eating for two days.” Her hands turn into fists and she thumps her desk. “By the way, I just read your draft presentation. It’s not good enough! I want six-star work from you, you hear! You imbecile! ” Paulina flicks the switch on the intercom off, casts her gaze at Maggie and smiles. “Where was I? Oh yes, Queen Bee Syndrome. In fact, some women bosses aren’t even aware they’re afflicted with the Queen Bee Syndrome."

A chuckle erupts from Maggie’s throat (pix below).


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