Monday, October 26, 2015

Wati repelled by waiters' unkempt appearance in a restaurant

[Pix of model above for illustration only]

"Last weekend, while walking in a certain quarter of KL, I passed this particular restaurant," Wati says. "There was a menu outside so I stopped to take a browse. Two waiters from inside approached me. I was repulsed by their unkempt appearance and quickly walked off." She sticks her tongue out. "Yuks! Who wants to eat in a restaurant served by such waiters!"

Puzzled, I scrunch my nose. "In what way were they unkempt?"

"They look like the singers of blues band ZZ Top."

"Who's ZZ Top?'

Wati fumbles in her handbag and produces her mobile. "See?" She jabs a button. "These are the ZZ Top musicians (pix below)!"

My jaw drops. "The waiters' beards are as bushy as those in the photo?"

"No! Even bushier still! A kitten can hide inside the beards!"

A guffaw erupts from my throat. "What kind of restaurant is it?"

"I better not mention it otherwise I'll be accused of being a racist." Wati replaces her mobile phone in her handbag. "The restaurateur should show some common sense. In America, there're local jurisdictions prohibiting waiters from wearing unkempt beards. And some restaurants require their cooks to wear beard nets (pix above). No wonder some people say Malaysia is a country with First World infrastructure but Third World mentality."


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