Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sifu Sabrina says men should not participate in Mid-Autumn Festival prayers

[Pixs of models for illustration only]

“Moon cakes are already on sale as the Mid-autumn festival is coming,” Sifu Sabrina (pix above) says, leaning back on her swivel chair. “Some traditional families will offer prayers to the Moon Goddess on the fifteenth lunar day, which is September 27th.” Her gaze fuses to mine. “But male members of the family should not pray to the Moon Goddess. They may end up as sissies!”

“Why?” I ask, lifting up my cup of Pu-erh tea.

“The reason is the moon is very strong in yin energy.”

I take a sip and put the cup down. “Where’s the proof about men becoming effeminate?”

She picks up her mobile from the top of her desk, jabs a button and shows me an image on the screen. “See? This is my neighbour’s husband after praying to the Moon Goddess for several consecutive years (pix below).”

I release a hearty chuckle. “Can I point at the full moon on the day of the prayer?”

“No, the Moon Goddess will cut off your ears!”

"Show proof!"

Sifu Sabrina jabs another button on her moby and thrusts the screen to my face. "This old man's my client. Last year, he pointed at the full moon. See what happened to him?"

I stare at the image (pix below), disbelief stealing the air from my lungs.


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