Sunday, March 22, 2015

May Pak Mie, Alor Setar’s guardian angel of stray cats and dogs, go to Heaven. Al-fatihah kepada rohnya.

[Pix above courtesy of Metro Online Broadcast]

“There’s no fairness in this world!” says Wati, her voice choked with emotion. “The corrupt and wicked live long lives. They cruise around in their big cars running over stray cats and dogs! And without batting an eyelid!” She takes out a spotless handkerchief and dabs at her eyes. “But Pak Mie –- a man with a heart of gold -- is snatched away from this earth so quickly. Maybe God has decided that Pak Mie has other duties in Paradise. Al-fatihah to his soul. I am certain he will be rewarded for his kindness and selflessness.”

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“Pak Mie’s animal shelter has been criticized as 'living hell',” adds Jessica, “as conditions are purportedly terrible. His detractors highlighted that many of the animals have open sores. But does anyone know how much it costs every month to feed hundreds of cats and dogs? And I'm disappointed that no veterinarian has volunteered to treat the animals at nominal charges." Tears well in her eyes. “So, please help his animal shelter. Donate animal food, old newspapers and cash. Don’t just rant and rave!”


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