Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sifu Sabrina gives her predictions for 2015 for the Chinese animal zodiac

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"Can you please give your 2015 predictions for the Chinese animal zodiac?" I ask Sifu Sabrina.

"Sure it'll be my pleasure. I've already written them down." She pulls out a sheaf of papers from a drawer, rises from her chair and crosses the room to sit on a sofa."Ready with your MP4?"

I nod. "Fire away."

This is a mediocre year for the Rat as he or she will clash with Tai Sui. Financial loss may occur due to a scam, a fire, a robbery, a business law suit or a vehicle accident. Great effort will be needed to advance in one’s career. A married Rat should avoid any extra-marital affair as a scandal may surface. A single Rat will have a fair chance of finding a GF or BF. Love problems or financial pressure will take its toll on health.

A cow and a sheep are enemies. Therefore, 2015 is a bad year for a Cow. A Cow in business should be prepared for unexpected misfortunes or obstacles. A Cow employee will have few opportunities to move to a better job. So don’t waste time and effort in applying for a new job. Love relationship will be rocky. A single Cow may lose his or her lover because of quarrels. Be more accommodating to your lover and be careful of what you say to your BF or GF.

This is a fairly good year for a Tiger. Business will proceed smoothly. Chances are excellent for a Tiger salaried worker to secure a better job or to get promoted. A tiger eats a sheep. Therefore, money luck is good. There will be no major problems with health. A male Tiger has a good opportunity to find a GF. So 2015 is the right time to be on the social scene.

A rabbit and a sheep are on friendly terms. A Rabbit entrepreneur seeking a business partner will find a suitable one. Grab this opportunity to intensify A&P efforts to expand one’s customer base. The first quarter of 2015 will see additional expenses due to business entertainment, under-table money or social obligations. Work colleagues will be helpful. A Rabbit who works hard and plays hard will suffer from executive burnout.

The Dragon is faced with an above-average year. This is the time to consolidate one's business or, in the case of office workers, to cultivate a good relationship with one's boss. Money luck is fair so don’t expect any windfall from both business and lottery. Maintain your health with supplements to minimize visits to the doctor. Unfortunately, a Dragon has no love luck this year. So don’t waste time with online dating sites or romantic activities.

This is a promising year for a Snake as money luck rises to a higher level compared to the previous year. A Snake business person will encounter obstacles but they will be overcome. Sycophants and back-stabbers will leave one’s place of employment. Love luck is excellent. For a married Snake, harmony will reign with one’s spouse. A cougar will have opportunities to get a toy boy; old spinsters can find a life partner.

Year 2015 promises little pressure for a Horse. Business will be as usual for a business person. A salaried employee will not suffer from additional work load or murderous working hours. Cupid will shoot his arrow at a single Horse. Dirty old men should fight temptation to hook a young lover. Health luck is not good, however. Avoid excessive drinking, smoking and late nights.

Not a good year for the Sheep as fortunes will wax and wane. Be careful with a new investment or starting a new business. A Sheep employee will encounter back-stabbing, conflicts with one’s superior and troubles in the office. A married Sheep will have few love problems but a single Sheep in a relationship will have quarrels with the other party. Health will need care due to many sleepless nights.

The Monkey enjoys an enterprising period in 2015. Business outlook is positive as bank loans and new contracts can be clinched with fair effort. A salaried Monkey will have additional work to handle but will be rewarded accordingly. Best period for money luck is third quarter. Don’t indulge in the pursuit of money to the detriment of one's health. Love luck is at a crest. A married Monkey is at risk of domestic quarrels because of a third party.

A bad year is in store for the Chicken. In business, R.O.I. will be low and slow. The salaried Chicken will not be rewarded for going the extra mile. Therefore, money luck will be so-so. Accident risk is high so drive carefully. Also avoid extreme sports. A male Chicken will fare better than a female Chicken in love.

As the Dog clashes with Tai Sui this year, fortunes will not be reaped. Investments will be slow to bear fruit. Don’t pick quarrels with one’s boss, friends, or work-mates. Also, it’s a dull year where love is concerned. No handsome man will sweep the female Dog off her feet. Old Dog bachelors will remain old bachelors. Health luck is bad so be careful of what you eat and drink and of your lifestyle.

A pig and a sheep are soul mates. Thus, the Pig will enjoy a promising year. A new contract can be expected in business. Job changes will be smooth and for the better. However, don’t be complacent. Work to strengthen your career or business foundation. Love luck is weak so go slow in courting a babe or a hunk. Though health will be stable, make the time to de-stress. "

"Thank you so much, Sifu Sabrina." I switch off my MP4 player.


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