Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tongkat Ali salesman Tony Tong gives tip how not to contract HIV with unprotected sex

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

Reclining on the headboard of the hotel bed, Tony Tong, top sales performer of Batin Kuat Sdn Bhd and a member of the Tongkat Ali Million Dollar Round Table, says to Daisy, “I hope to hit one million in sales again for 2015. There'll be an incentive trip to the Harbin Ice Festival. I'm sure I can do it coz' my products really work. Men can become more well-endowed, so the products sell by themselves.” He stretches his hands (right pix) to show to Daisy the after-effects of consuming his top-line Tongkat Ali products.

Flaunting her curves and creamy-peach complexion in her undergarments, Daisy (pix below) stares at the TV, a smile on her red sensuous lips. Demure and submissive, Daisy listens attentively to Tony.

“I’m so happy that I brought you with me on my coast-to-coast sales calls,” Tony says. “Driving long distances and sleeping alone in hotels can be pretty lonesome.” He kisses Daisy on the lips. “Let me watch this in-house movie first before we make love.”

Naked, Tony cuddles up to Daisy to keep warm, one hand cupping her breast as the centralized air-conditioner blows full blast. Ninety minutes later, the movie ends, and Tony clicks the remote control to switch to a music channel playing romantic instrumentals.

Without wearing a condom, Tony and Daisy rattle the bed for more than one hour before he gives his sweet surrender. Knees wobbling, he gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. While waiting for him, Daisy lies on the bed, legs still splayed, her eyes in contentment.

Coming out of the bathroom wearing pajamas, Tony goes to the bed and pulls a plug from Daisy’s belly button. He starts to deflate the silicone sex doll, producing a soft hissing sound. “I’m glad I bought you by email order from an online store in Japan, darling,” he whispers into her ear, depressing her abdomen further.

Tony cleans up Daisy with a towel, folds her up and puts her back in his suitcase. "Sweet Jesus! Daisy will never give me HIV or STD!" he enthuses, locking up the suitcase. "She's a boon to lonesome travelling salesmen!"


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