Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Debbie condemns Honda for not disclosing earlier the fatal malfunctioning of its Takata airbag in Sabah

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

“Honda has no sense of corporate social responsibility! The fatal malfunction of its Takata airbag in Sabah occurred on July 27 but Honda only disclosed it on November 17, 2014. As reported in on December 3, Atsushi Ohara, a spokesman for Honda, was quoted as having said: ‘We apologize to the people who died in Honda cars equipped with Takata-made air bags as well as their families, and we want to send our sincere condolence.’ Apologies and condolences are not good enough! Honda Malaysia and Takata Corp. should not wait for a lawsuit to be thrown at them but willingly compensate the deceased woman’s next-of-kin. Ditto for families of innocent victims in USA by Honda USA. A landmark American case in the area of defective product liability is Larsen vs. General Motors, 1965.” So said Miss Debbie Ding (pix below), owner of Debbie School of Defensive Driving.

Speaking from her cabin office in Cheras, KL, Debbie -- who's also a professional saloon car racer -- added, “The history of Takata Corporation smells like dog poop. According to Wikipedia, ‘In May 1995, a recall in the U.S. affecting 8,428,402 predominantly Japanese vehicles made between 1986-91 with seat belts manufactured by the Takata Corporation of Japan, was begun. It was called at the time the "second largest recall in the 30 year history of the Department of Transportation (DOT)". The recall was prompted by an investigation (PE94-052) carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Takata-equipped Honda vehicles, after many of their owners complained of seat belt buckles either failing to latch, latching and releasing automatically, or releasing in accidents.' ”

Debbie clicked a button on her iPad and Takata’s website appeared on the screen. “See? They claim that ‘At Takata, we dream of a “world with zero fatalities from traffic accidents. We understand the importance of every individual, and hope to one day experience a global community where everyone recognizes the true value of human life.’ What a lot of baloney from a bunch of assholes.”

She switched off her iPad and asked, "Ewe, you want to go for a spin in my car?" She flashed a wry grin. "I assure you it's not fitted with Takata airbags."


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