Monday, October 13, 2014

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant – dog-friendly and disabled-friendly – serves fairly scrumptious fare

{Pixs copyright Ewe Paik Leong}

Bubble joined my family for an outing again -- this time to Thai Fish Farm Restaurant in Hulu Langat. As it also doubles as a chicken and vegetable farm, during my drive there, I had visions of him chasing squawking chickens but it didn’t happen. Anyway, at least, he saw a few live chickens from afar.

Located in a lush valley, the restaurant comprises several thatched structures standing on stilts in a pond. Once inside the restaurant, we passed the grilling section, a dessert kiosk and the kitchen. Fussy eaters are well-catered for as the laminated A3-size menu lists more than 50 items. I left the ordering to my missus and walked around to snap several pictures. At the dessert kiosk, you can buy mango sticky rice and other Thai snacks. Other retail sections sell fresh vegetables, farm chicken and seafood.

The slipper lobster was nicely presented and the butter contrasted well with the texture of the lobster meat. The pandan chicken was a bit dry and the pandan aroma was weak. Only when dipped in a sourish sauce, did its taste improve a notch. The seafood tom yam was spicy.

After our meal, I made a trip to the loo with a tinge of wariness. However, the toilets, constructed of thick aluminium walls and doors, were quite clean and paper was supplied. There’s even one designed for the disabled.

Ambience: 4/5. Food: 3.5/5

Getting there:
Thai Fish Farm is located 1 km after the now-closed Ampang Lookout Point. Travel along Jalan Ampang past Ampang Point and Ampang Waterfront. Turn right at the Satay Station traffic-light junction. Further ahead, you will pass AEON. Proceed for two or three kilometers and turn left to Jalan Taman Putra. Signboards will lead you to the restaurant. Contact Eugene Ng at 019-2606493 if necessary.


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