Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sifu Sabrina advises Sakura how to hook a husband by using feng shui elements

(Pixs of models for illustration purpose only)

My moby in my shirt pocket rings; I yank it out, press ANSWER and bring it to my ear; I lift my foot slightly off the accelerator and steer the car with one hand.

“Hello, Mr Ewe? My name’s Sakura Siew.Your friend Chow Kah gave me your number. I was hoping if you can do me a favour. Can you take me to see Sijia Sabrina, please?” The tone of her voice is low and purring.

“She prefers to be called Sifu Sabrina.” I look to my left and right to make sure there’s no traffic cop around. “I can sms her office address to you.”

“Er, actually, since you know her pretty well, I was hoping if you could wrangle –- I mean request -- a free consultation for me. You know, save me some money. Chow Kah says Sifu Sabrina is the best in KL but, unfortunately, she's also the most expensive.”

I cast a glance at the rear-view mirror. “Any friend of Chow Kah’s a friend of mine. Okay, I’ll take you to her condo, make it look like a courtesy call on my part. In that way, we can talk to her casually. What’s your problem?”

“I want to find a husband. I’m thirty-two already. I don’t want to end up as an old spinster. Maybe feng shui will help to improve my love luck.”


“There’re two things you can do to attract love,” Sifu Sabrina (pix above) says, leaning against the glass door of the balcony in her condominium. “First, you should strengthen the northwest corner of your house. That corner is called the Patriarch Corner. That corner should be free of clutter and be brightly lighted. If it’s taken up by the toilet, you’ve to relocate it. Energize the northwest corner with lights and auspicious feng shui elements.”

“Such as?” Sakura (right pix below) asks.

She and I are sitting on a couch facing the balcony and I can smell jasmine from her perfume.

“A painting of a dragon and a phoenix is ideal," says Sifu Sabrina. "Dragon is yang; phoenix is yin.”

Ten minutes earlier, Sakura and I had been talking shop and joking with Sifu Sabrina without any mention of feng shui. After several cocktails and mocktails had been consumed by us, Sifu Sabrina had said she wanted to change into something more comfortable. While she had been in her bedroom, Sakura had whispered to me, “Wow! She’s more gorgeous in person than in your blog’s pixs.” When Sifu Sabrina had returned to the living room dressed in a see-through lingerie, I had floated the question of how a woman can enhance her love luck and find a husband.

Sifu Sabrina straightens up and starts to walk away from the balcony door. “Second, you should activate your peach-blossom direction.” She crosses the living room, moves to a huanghuali chiffonier and pulls out a chart from the second drawer. “Here, look at this, Miss Siew. She patters on bare feet towards Sakura. “It shows a person's peach-blossom direction and peach-blossom animal.”

“What’s peach-blossom direction?” Sakura asks.

Sifu Sabrina returns to her former spot at the balcony glass door. “Put simply, it means direction for love luck; peach-blossom animal is the animal symbol that can activate a person’s love luck.” She turns to gaze at the colourful lights below.

Sakura studies the chart carefully and hands it to me.

"Phew! My face and neck feels hot after the cocktails." Sifu Sabrina throws her hair over her head and rattles away, “As you can see from the chart, for Pig, Rabbit and Goat, peach-blossom direction is north and peach-blossom animal is Rat. For Snake, Rooster, Ox, peach-blossom direction is south, peach-blossom animal is Horse. Tiger, Horse, Dog, direction is east, animal is Rabbit. Monkey, Rat and Dragon, direction is west, Rooster is the peach-blossom animal.”

“My animal zodiac sign is Dog.”

“That means your peach-blossom direction is east and your peach-blossom animal is Rabbit. That means the east direction of your living room as well as bedroom is very important. What you should do is hang a painting of a Rabbit in that direction. Both in the bedroom and living room. If possible, light up the paintings.”

“Will do!” enthuses Sakura.


Two months after our visit to Sifu Sabrina, my new-found friend, Sakura Siew, comes to my apartment. I open the door and see her -- garbed in dark pants and a tee-shirt --leaping with joy (pix above). “Yipee! Guess what? The feng shui worked! I’m getting married!” She pulls out a red envelope from her handbag.” Here’s my wedding dinner invitation.”

“Thank you.”

She dips her hand into her handbag again and fishes out a 5R-size photograph (right pix). “This is my future husband! Isn’t he handsome?”

My jaw drops. “Yes, he is. Like a Prince Charming.”



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