Friday, July 18, 2014

Sexy Jessica of Hot Legs Nightclub advises girls to wear hairy-legs stockings to deter perverts and would-be molesters

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

“Eeeeeeek!" Chow Kah screams on seeing Jessica walk into the karaoke room in a spaghetti-strap black dress.

My eyes nearly pop at the sight of Jessica’s hairy legs. “What happened to your legs? You applied hair–loss tonic on them?”

Jessica (pix below) giggles until she almost doubles over. “No! I’m just wearing hairy-legs stockings!” Kicking off her stilettos, she puts one foot on the coffee table and starts to unroll the stocking off one leg, then the other. “See? They’re just stockings. I just wanted to test your reaction to them.”

Chow Kah whistles in relief. “Where did you get them?”

“From Guangzhou in China. My sister went there last week and she bought me a pair. Seems that mainland-China men are lechers and perverts. They like to grope woman’s thigh in buses or take underskirt shots from the bottom of escalators. These hairy-legs stockings are useful as a deterrent to molest and rape.” She flings the stocking on the coffee table and slinks to the sofa to sit beside Chow Kah. “I recommend Malaysian women who travel by LRT or bus to buy them.”

“Can be bought online?” asks Chow Kah, putting his hand on Jessica’s lap.

“Of course, but websites of e-stores selling them are in Mandarin.”

“Price?” I ask.

Jessica wraps one arm around Chow Kah’s waist. “Nine hundred and ninety eight yuan. Equivalent to almost five hundred ringgit.”


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