Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sifu Sabrina gives feng shui tips on how to gain recognition and fame

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“The feng shu tips I’m going to give won't make you famous like a Hollywood actor or an international singer. But they can create greater recognition in your work if you’re an employee.” She leans forward and rests her elbows on the mahogany table. “Perhaps you may get faster promotion or not being overshadowed by co-workers who put in less effort than you.”

I catch a whiff of jasmine from her perfume. “I see.”

“These feng shui tools can also enhance the attention or recognition you receive in your field of expertise. People who fall in this second category include models, writers, newscasters, surgeons and artists.”

I look in her eyes and hold her gaze for a moment.

Sifu Sabrina flutters her eyelashes and leans back in her swivel chair. “Generally, the southern sector of your living room is important for recognition and fame. If possible, paint the southern wall of the living room red.”

I make a face. “Ewww! It will clash with the colour of the other walls.”

“Then try to put some red cushions there.” She crosses her legs at the knees. “Avoid water, the colours blue and black and metallic objects in the southern part of the living room. There’re several auspicious objects that can be placed in the direction of your kua number. You remember the kua number?”

“Of course.” I sit up straight.

“One such object is the bell. It symbolizes a noble and righteous person. Tie a red string around it to activate its power. Another object is the umbrella. In days of yore, it was a symbol of a learned high-ranking government official. An umbrella is the best defence against slander and gossip. The –- .”

“A red umbrella will be better, isn’t it?”

“Of course! But don’t use a chettier’s umbrella because it’s black. See the reputation chettiers have? They may be rich but…” She flashes a wry smile. “Now, as I was about to say, the third object is a conch. In ancient times, the conch was used as a trumpet.”

“In China?"

"Yes, in the coastal areas of China. It was used to summon the local populace or to signal the arrival of ships. Display it in the lucky direction of your kua number and it will trumpet your name far and wide.” She holds a fist to his lips and gives it a mock blow.

I let out a chuckle that can wake the dead.

“Why’re you laughing? I’m serious.” She smiles, reaches into her drawer and pulls out a lollipop. "Now, a flower that can energize the fame energy is the lotus." She starts to lick the lollipop. "It symbolizes purity as it rises from muddy waters. Prefer the pink lotus to the white lotus: the reason is obvious.” A pause. "You want a lollipop?"

I shake my head. “Any animal that symbolizes fame?”

“Yes, but it’s exists only in mythology: the phoenix. You can hang a painting of the phoenix in your living room. This bird possesses powerful yang energy as it rises from its own ashes and flies to great heights. If the yang energy is too strong, pair it with a dragon which is yin. An alternative to the phoenix is the rooster. This animal can promote career advancement. Either buy a gold-plated rooster or a painting of a rooster and display it.”

“Judging from what you’ve said, politicians who’ve been accused of sodomy or those secretly videoed having sex with their mistress should definitely energize the chi of these symbols?”

Sifu Sabrina pulls the lollipop from her mouth, giggles and nods.



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