Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sifu Sabrina advises the compatibility of the 12 Chinese animal zodiac signs with the Horse

Sifu Sabrina (pixs below), a much-sought-after feng shui consultant, advises people born in the year of the Horse to be careful in finding a life partner. Consideration should be given to the Chinese animal zodiac sign of the prospective spouse.

Speaking from her plush office in Bukit Bintang, she says: “The Rat is not compatible with the Horse. There will be animosities and unhappiness because of personality clashes.

The Ox and the Horse will have a short-lived relationship. They have barriers in communication. As both parties have few common interests, their relationship will be lukewarm.

The Tiger and Horse are well suited as life partners and business partners. They have mutual trust in each other and communicate on the same level.

The Rabbit and the Horse don’t share much in common. They will not accommodate each other in love.

Though the Dragon and the Horse respect each other, each party's desire to be dominant will lead to moderate success in marriage.

The Snake and the Horse don’t understand each other. At best, their relationship will be on a polite level.

The Horse will get along well with another Horse. There’s excellent teamwork and co-operation between them.

The Goat and the Horse are highly compatible, both in love and business.

The Monkey and the Horse will be able to see eye to eye to a certain level. Though they share some common interests, their marriage will be only moderately successful.

The Rooster and the Horse can’t communicate with each other. Though they can iron out their differences, their relationship will be far from happy."


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