Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sexy Sifu Sabrina, KL’s top feng shui consultant, gives tips for good health

Sifu Sabrina, sitting on a leather high-backed chair, gestures to me with an open palm to a steel-framed chair at her mahogany desk. She is wearing a short yellow polka dot dress.

I settle down, drag the chair closer to the desk and rest my elbows on it. She leans forward and I catch a whiff of jasmine from her perfume. “What advice do you want this time, Ewe?” she asks, smiling to reveal ivory-white teeth.

“I understand that bad feng shui of the bedroom can affect one’s health,” I say. “Since most people buy pre-designed houses than build their own, there is not much that they can do about its location in the house. So, how to overcome the problem?”

Sifu Sabrina purses her lips, leans back and crosses her legs. “Nevertheless, one can make a choice in selecting a room to be your bedroom,” she says. “For a start, never use a room at the end of a corridor to be the bedroom. Too much chi -- by chi I mean energy –- flows towards it. Definitely, your health will be affected.”

A tattoo on the door sounds and I turn to look. The door is opened from outside and her secretary enters and puts a glass of Chinese tea in front of me.


Sifu Sabrina returns her gaze to me. “Next, always try to choose an upstairs room to sleep in. If you have no choice, make sure that your bed in the downstairs room is not directly beneath an upstairs toilet.

“My third advice is never, never sleep in a basement. Only the dead sleep beneath the ground level. See the implications?”

I nod my heading in understanding and take a sip of the tea. It tastes like pu-erh.

“Now, the location of bed is important. Avoid having the bed facing the door of the room. Again, only the dead lie with their feet facing the door. You understand?”

“Yup, avoid anything to do with the dead, right?”

“Righto! Since you mention the dead, I would also advise opening the windows of a bedroom to air it if a family member has died in it. Burning some sulphur will also get rid of the bad vibes. Switch on the fan so that the negative air can flow out. My next tip is don’t have the bed facing a mirror or television. The water element will affect the internal organs of the person and cause illnesses. An overhead shelf over the bed is equally bad as it can lead to headaches. Also, never have the headboard of the bed adjacent to the toilet wall.”

“Which other part of the house can affect one’s health?”

“The kitchen. Common mistake is to put the gas stove, cooker or microwave oven next to the sink. The fire element will fight with the water element. That’s why it’s a big no-no. ”

The telephone on the desk rings. Sifu Sabrina picks it up. “Hello? Yes, yes...hmmm...okay.”

She puts down the telephone and says, “I’m sorry, I’ve a consultation. You’ve to excuse me.”

I rise from the chair. “Thanks and bye.”


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