Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Old Siam Kopitiam serves toothsome Fish Thai Laksa and other palatable fare

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I was searching for Mark’s Assam Laka but the information counter girl told me that it’s no longer in One Utama. So I popped over to Old Siam Kopitiam as an alternative. The menu is simplistic, containing all the standard economical Thai dishes. Wooden chairs and tables constituted the furniture. I ordered the following:

Pork Green Curry with Noodles RM13.90
Fish Thai Laksa RM12.90
Tham Thim Krob RM7.90
Mango Pulut RM10.90
White Tea RM4.90

The Fish Thai Laksa consisted of a bowl of gravy and a plate filled with several whorls of noodles each with a dried red chili and the leaf of a herb I could not identify. Bean sprouts, one half of a boiled egg, long beans and some unidentified vegetables completed the picture. After turning over the ingredients with the gravy, the chow was ready to be eaten. The thick gravy was mild and exuded a tangy and fishy aroma but the overall flavor differed from Penang Assam Laksa. The firmness of the noodles contrasted delightfully with the crunchy bean sprouts and long beans. The Thab Thim Krob and Mango Pulut were at par with what you get in Thailand. However, the Pork Green Curry didn’t go well with noodles. It was more suited to be eaten with rice. I rated my eating experience here as 3.5/5.

Old Siam Kopitiam
Lot LG325, Floor Oval
New Wing
One Utama Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur


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