Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Restoran Shun Fa a hidden gem for Hainanese chicken rice

[Pixs copyright Ewe Paik Leong]

Restoran Shun Fa, located on Jalan Barat, is a little-known Hainanese chicken shop whose fare is quite delectable. The chicken is smooth and succulent, and they also serve char siew, chop suey and bean sprouts. However, I find the chop suey a tad spicy for my liking. There's no parking in front of the coffee shop which is in the same row as Hee Lai Ton Restaurant (formerly occupied by Tai Thong Restaurant). So, I always park at Jalan Khoo Teik Ee and take a short cut through a side alley which leads to the back of the coffee-shop. Sure, you can enter Shun Fa through its kitchen door.


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