Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blind man sees Mummy Lulu’s Filipina maid in undergarments

[Pix of model for illusration purpose only]

Alice Santos (pix above), the Filipina maid of Mummy Lulu, is alone in the condominium mopping the floor. Suddenly, the lights and fan in the living room go off. The bosomy maid patters to the main breaker switch-box to check whether the circuit breaker has tripped. She stands on a stool and looks: everything seems okay.

She phones her friend in another block. “Marina, huwag kang magkaroon ng koryente?" Marina, do you have electricity?

Voice: “Huwag tayong hindi.” No, we don’t.

Salamat.” Thank you

Alice continues to map the floor and starts to sweat in the stuffy air. Since she is alone, she takes off her clothes, leaving her bra and panties on.

While she is dusting the furniture, the door bell rings. Alice goes to the intercom beside the door and asks, “Who’s that?”

“Blind man. I’ve an appointment with Mummy Lulu.”

Alice phones her boss on her cell phone. “Madam, a blind man says he has an appointment with you.”

“Yes, Alice, I’m on my way back," Mummy Lulu says. "You can let him in.”

Since he’s blind, he can’t see me in bra and panties, Alice thinks. She opens the door and a man wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and carrying a stack of folders under one arm steps in.

While walking to the furniture in the living room, the man turns his head to stare at Alice, his jaw drops and he trips over the coffee table, scattering the folders on the floor. “Shit! Those are my window-blind catalogues!” he says.


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