Friday, February 15, 2013

Sri Nyonya Restaurant is neither outstanding in taste nor reasonable in price

Eager to taste purut ikan, I tootle to Sri Nyonya Restaurant in P.J. My bill No. 01H-12501 for three person comes to:

Sri Nyonya Fried Chicken RM18
Petai Sambal Udang  RM25 (Yes, that small portion below!)
Chin Chow RM5
Chinese Tea  RM1.50
Chendol  RM4.50
Steamed Rice x 4  RM6.00
Beef Rendang  RM18.00
Purut Ikan   RM18.00
Service Charge  RM9.60
Total RM105.60

The purut ikan is spicier and saltier than what my Grandma used to cook.  The portions of all the dishes are small.  Only the Sri Nyonya Fried Chicken (aka Enche Kabin) is yummy.  My late Grandma would groan from her grave if she knew about my experience here.

No 14 Jalan 22/49
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78751031


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