Friday, January 18, 2013

Restoran Soo Kee serves char siew (BBQ pork) par excellence

[Pixs copyright Ewe Paik Leong]

I’ve passed Restoran Soo Kee before while travelling from Ampang to the city but I didn’t know it’s famous for its char siew until a friend told me. So, this afternoon, I ate char siew and roast duck there. The char siew was sticky and tender but the roast duck was so-so. The bill for two portions, a plate of stir-fried tou miew and a pot of tea came to almost RM35. Apart from vegetables, several types of soup are also available. Inside the restaurant, two old air-conditioners hum away but their cooling power is weak. Anyway, at least the washroom has toilet paper.

The shop is located facing a flyover just before the Shell Station, the latter is opposite the Risda Building. Despite Soo Kee’s inconvenient location, parking is relatively easy at Persiaran Ampang. Just turn left when you reach the end of the block.

No. 373, 4th Mile,
Jalan Ampang,
60000 Ampang.
(Klinik Anthony is a few doors away)
Opens from 12pm till 9pm daily.
Closed on Monday
Tel: 03-4257 0767


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